10 Replies to “Bright light city”

  1. 🙂
    You are always welcomed to my city.
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    P.S. I think your very first ZD-TV/TechTV visit with Kate Botello was to Las Vegas……

  2. At least someone’s sidekick is working today… mine hasn’t worked on the data plan for 3 days.

  3. Dan,I got a Text Message from T-Mobile saying the Data Services were down, My Sidekick Data Plan has also not been working since like Sunday Night. But at 1:30EST today they started working again :). You really don’t appreciate all the features the Sidekick has until your without them for a few days.

  4. What are you doing in Las Vegas? I doubt you are there for the NASCAR race. That’s what I’m headed down for later today…

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