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  1. lucklily i just had austar digital installed yesterday… sat down and almost shed a tear when call for help was on at 10
    welcome back to australia!

  2. The HowTo Channel needs to be in the states! What a great concept! Maybe CFH can be on the HGTV channel.

  3. welcome back to oz leo!great to see you back!
    keep up the great work, i wnt be missing an episode ever!
    josh in oz…

  4. Im so happy! Its great to see you on air again Leo congratulations. Now how about planning that trip down here dont forget the rest oif the CFH crew.

  5. Enjoyed your return immensely Leo. We reckon (OZ word) you’re great mate! By the way, are you still involved with that Tech TV crowd that bailed out on us? I thought you had gone solo by the way you presented on the show yet the url you give redirects to the G4 site.

  6. Leo I thinks it’s great you are still on the air and that the old TTV fans of which whom I am one is very happy to see that you are enjoying yourself with CFH. Although I cannot see you in my country I still believe many of the TTV fans will come together one day and bring TTV back and you guessed it alright you would be the star!

  7. Congrates on getting on in Australia Leo. Hopefully this will light a fire under someone and speed up the process to get on in the USA. I mean there has to be plenty of poeple that want it. Congrates to the aussie folks out there!!! Hopefully the usa is next!

  8. G’Day Leo and the ‘Call for Help’ crew, and a good looking crew at that.
    Our digital TV supplier here in Sydney is Foxtel, which did supply both ‘Call for Help’ and ‘The Screen Savers’.
    In the brief time your show was screened, you made a huge impression.
    It was a bugger to see you go, but we’re wrapped you’re back!
    Welcome back, you were gone from our screens far too long.
    If you ever need a side kick, roaming reporter,water boy, I’ll do anything for free, at the drop of a hat. =)

  9. 🙂 Hi Leo ,it’s GREAT to have you back in OZ !!!!!! :coolsmile:
    Hope to see you mor eon DIY channel .
    Go Leo,Go. your the best and the only reason to have cable…
    welcome back and it would be super if you did a show in Australia ( Melbourne) I’d be the first there!
    thank-you for all your help!
    Adrian From OZ…. 😉

  10. G’day from the Land Down Under !!! It is soooo great to have you back in our loungerooms each weekday. We have had withdrawl symptoms over here. Hope it won’t be long till you are seen in the USA again.
    I thought the How-To channel was actually of US origin??? All the programs certainly are…it’s great to learn stuff for yourself…empowering!
    Thanks again…and yes…come to Australia soon 🙂

  11. Well atleast some countries can still have call for help. Hopefully one day Call for help will come back to the states.

  12. What a great interview. It’s your _real_ passion for what you do, and the infectious energy you spread around the world, that I appreciate and admire. Establishing and maintaining a connection with your audience remains a cornerstone of your success.
    Congratulations to our Australian friends. They will be able to learn how to fix their confusers. I hope they enjoy CFH as much as we did (and hopefully will again) in America.

  13. Welcome back to Ozzie TV
    Maybe you could set up a Message Board for all us Aussies to chat away in our own lingo and to help you with some of our grate Aussie Slang?
    Like when we ask for a torch to fix a computer we mean a ‘flashlight’ not a ‘blowtorch’
    anyone else got any similar funnies?

  14. It is such a pleasure to welcome Leo and his new team back to Australia Television.
    I now have a little something to look forward to each week night in call for help.
    Here’s wishing a long and successful run for CFH on our airways!
    I hope our friends in the US are pleasantly surprised soon with the return of Leo to their screens too!

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