February Stats are In

Some stats from February…
I’ve been using a superb anti-spam service called MailRoute. I route all leoville.com traffic through it, and thank goodness I do. My spam mail has tripled since I last checked stats in October.

In February I received more than three-quarters of a million email messages at leoville.com:

          718,597 spam messages
            1,039 viruses
           20,504 good messages
           39,114 bad or invalid headers
          779,254 total messages in Feb

In other words, only 2.64% of my email was good. Actually it’s somewhat less than that since my local spam filter rejects about a third of the mail that gets through MailRoute (MailRoute avoids false positives by being fairly conservative). The good news is that over 26,000 spam messages and 40 viruses are filtered out of my inbox every day. If I had to look at all of those I’d stop using email entirely.

I probably get more spam than almost anyone else because my address is widely known and I’ve had it since 1996. I’d bet it’s on every spam mailing list in existence. Weirder still is the number of messages that come to random addresses at leoville. Only about 10% are addressed to leo. I got 2,329 messages addressed to leos_hair (obviously some “fan” having some fun at my expense). I also received more than 1,000 messages each to noway, nonono, alexander, bowden, coker, beltran, abernathy, and brewster at leoville.com. Hunh? I guess once spammers find a good domain they spew messages to random addresses at that domain. Of the viruses filtered out 70% were actually phishing messages. I get more than 25 phishing emails a day.

At this rate I should be receiving more than a million spam messages a month before summer.

The web stats are much more encouraging. February was a strong month, although as the graphs show, traffic went down for the first time since I moved the sites to Vizaweb.

Leoville.tv (the radio show and the podcasts)

Life of Leo image

89,342 unique visitors, 1,523, 018 pages loaded, and 125.69 GB of bandwidth. (That’s 10% of the bandwidth used in January thanks to Coral.)

Internet Explorer usage is down again to 40%. Firefox is at 34%.

Leoville.com (the blog and main site)

Life of Leo image

80,639 unique visitors, 1,825,346 page view, and 41.23 GB of bandwidth used.

IE 41%, Firefox 37.1%, Safari 6.9%. 82% were Windows users, 11% Macintosh. 2% Linux.

Leovilletownsquare.com (the message boards)
Life of Leo image

42,690 uniques, 720,755 page loads, 140.23 GB bandwidth.

All three domains suffered drops in traffic from January. The graphs are from the Urchin web stats package. The number reflects monthly user sessions. A “session” is defined as a series of clicks on a site by an individual visitor during a specific period of time. Unique visitors dropped commensurately.

Thanks for the clicks!

15 Replies to “February Stats are In”

  1. Do your stats include accessing Leoville.com through an RSS reader? because sometimes I read an entire post in Sage without ever clicking through to the actual page.

  2. Over 90% of email that is sent to my work address is spam. I also had that address forever (since 1997) and I couldn’t trash it at it was on countless business cards, and listed as a contact for hundreds of domain names as a technical contact (which is how I think a lot of the spam got started). I get over 100 spams per day. 70% of those are filtered out using spamassassin and mail scanner on my server. The majority of the rest of them Apple’s Mail.app filters into my Junk folder for me, so I actually only see one or two in my inbox. If I did not have these filters, email would be absolutely useless to me as a business tool. What if I got 100 telemarking calls per day. I couldn’t pick up the phone!
    Imagine the sheer amount of bandwidth that spam is using online. How much quicker would the internet be if spammers were just shut down?
    I think the current email system needs to be abandoned in favour of a brand new whitelist only email system, where the end user has infinite control over who can send them email. The current system now has been exploited to the point that it is no longer a time saving and money saving communications tool.

  3. There are still more IE users than FireFox! How could that be? Anyway, those are some impressing stats Leo.

  4. Leoheads!
    I really think we should focus on how we can get leo back on the air. There are many ways we can do this, first of all-we’re doing good by signing the forms to demand that call for help be put on the air in the U.S. and elsewhere! Second, we need to network to investors, anyone who has the cajones to slingshot an idea for a new tech network. Something along the lines of an old tech tv/zdtv but hip, inventive and original news and technology. The analogy I’m looking for is, A place for TECH, NEWS, FINANCE, ALL THINGS TECH THAT WOULD SEEM LIKE A DIGITAL CNN (Although, given the fact, most of you have already responded by saying “been there, done that” with tech tv/zdtv) there needs to be competition for that fat head of a network “G4 TV”. We need to start searching for someone to spark some action.

  5. Things have gotten better for us regular folk.Leo I have received less than 10 spam e-mails at my primary e-mail address over the last 3 years. One important thing that I stress to all my friends when I give them my e-mail address is to NEVER CC me on those mass e-mails for the latest jokes or videos and such.
    Even Yahoo and G-mail do a great job filtering (sorting) the spam which is 1/50th of what it was 5 years ago.

  6. I think Leo Just pointed out the exact reason why spamming exists. The average spammer get .5 cents per E-mail that means that off Leoville alone there was $7000 made by someone.
    This comes from the companies that are STILL somehow dupped into thinking that while spam is a problem this guy who is offering them 100,000 emails a day is legitimate, Does anyone actualy think that when someone approches them with “I can get you web traffic thru sending out E-mails” that its legit?
    there should be a memo sent out to all Excs at all companies in the US and abroad. “If someone offers to send out bulk mail for you ask for thier list, and send out 50 emails to random people on that list, If you dont get any responces, then you are dealing with a spammer”
    Infact I would be willing to say that even the legitimate Bulk emailers should be knocked out of commission as most of them use rather underhanded methods such as one line in a sign up form saying your e-mail address can be sold and or used for marketing with affilated companies, how many people read the disclaimer when signing up for leoville? I did and there is nothing bad there as you would expect but so few people read them that stuff gets slipped in. You want to get directions to make a tuna casserole and in signing up you opted into 35 bulk email newsletters and your Address got sent out to 15 advertising agencys.

  7. Gabe”…slingshot an idea for a new tech network. Something along the lines of an old tech tv/zdtv but hip, inventive and original news and technology…”
    I really wish this was possible but unfortunatly the reason TechTV went off the air wasnt because Comcast purchased it. TechTV was for sale because it couldnt support itself and (insert name I can never remember) finaly decided that he was tired of Funding a TV network that didnt make money. The Only way that we are going to see Leo on TV is to move to ‘Canadia’ the outback or to get call for help put onto a network like DIY, TLC, or something like that. A new Tech Netowork is a pipedream supported by Bloggers. No one is going to compeat with G4 because G4 is not a tech station, g4 is a promotional tool for gaming companies The average G4 veiwer watches for 3-6 minutes as they are flipping channels, thier shows have next to NO fan base which Irronicly enough were 2 of the 4 shows on TechTV that had ratings

    Unless some Billionair comes out of no were and starts a new Tech network on thier own dime, Not worrying about loosing money it will not happen on TV, No Network will flush money like that they are kinda set up to turn a profit and if they dont they get ditched. We can hope for Netcasting though like leos Podcasts or Thebroken.org

  8. Hi Leo,
    I wonder how you do it? How you keep track of so much mail. Wow. I’m a Mac user with just 1 G4 12″ iBook. I had to get a PC for a Network Administrator program I just started late in life. Since I wanted something small I got the Sony VGN-T140PL with it’s 10″ screen. I was so upset that Sony didn’t include 1 CD or DVD with it. I had to pay to get them to send me one. Also upset that they locked away 5GB on my hard drive for their back up. Making me pay once again for their back up.
    Not happy at all, but I wanted something small since space isn’t something I have at home. I hope things improve when I get that back up CD kit from them any day now since when I wiped the hard drive and their partition, the thing wouldn’t book. I made back up CD’s with it before doing that using it’s software, but turned out they had errors. So Sony wasted 7 of my CD’s too. Crazy after paying just over $3,000 Canadian for the thing.
    Sorry to rant. I will never buy another Sony computer in my life. Apple is king of service and happiness to me. I lost count of how many CD/DVD’s they included when I bought mine. All the software included. I can reach someone from Apple on the phone so easily. I wish more computer companies were like Apple. Makes me sad that in all my books for this Network Administration class, they pretty much ignore Apple.

  9. I’m not too surprised traffic to your site was down in February, it was a busy month for you and you only posted 3 times to this site. Frequent posts make for frequent visitors. I don’t know how you manage your schedule, you do a LOT of travelling, having to go to Toronto every now & then to shoot a whole month’s worth of TV shows.

  10. Plus you had three less days in Feb than Jan to get visitors. that would account for a 10% drop right there

  11. hi leo just want to say hi and loved talking to everyone ih chat today. i had a great time can’t wait till tomorrow to see what you got to say till then. ;-P

  12. Leo,
    I sent you an email today about speaking at Podcast Expo, but after this post I decided I’d better try an alternative to reach you. 🙂

  13. Leo,
    Why not just drop messages that aren’t addressed to a real Leoville address? Seems like you get enough spam without accepting the stuff that’s addressed to phony addresses.

  14. Wow, some very large numbers there. Isn’t it great to have a machine root out 750,000 spam messages and let only 20,000 through? Oh, the wonders of technology.
    Hooray! Only two more sleeps till CFH on Australian TV! Yay! Looking forward to seeing you again 😀

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