One More From Orlando

Life of Leo image The last video report from the Photo Marketing Association show in Orlando is up now at Let me know what you think of the coverage. It’s not television – but it’s better than nuttin’.

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  1. Wonderful as always, Leo. I wish there were more reports coming, you know, since you’re not on TV here in the States. I can’t believe you get paid to have so much fun…. I need a new career path. 🙂

  2. Leo,
    The Production quality was excellent and you brought a great deal of info into a forum that I can recieve. I really appreciate what you have done and look forward to more of the same. Great Job!

  3. All of the posts were very cool. Lots of good information and great content. The quality was great and load / start-up times were outstanding. I really liked the Polaroid piece. I wonder if you could get Andy and Mikey to build one in there spare time.
    Take Care from a very snowy Toronto

  4. I think this is great and would like to see more of it. Perhaps Computer broadcasts like this can be the future you have been talking about for years. I think that these few casts have shown how much can be accomplished without a huge investment of Time or Money. maybe those two magazines can give you ads…

  5. Wow what cool gadgets! That “digital hub USB flash memory copy thingie” looks like a handy, dandy new toy!
    Leo, all these segments were wonderful and a joy to watch. The only problem I found with them, they were too dang short and there aren’t any more. Then again that old adage does say always leave them wanting more so you’ve got me hooked, looking forward to you doing more of this type of thing in the very near future.

  6. Really good report Leo. It’s just not right that you aren’t on TV regularly. I won’t even go into the whole TSS thing. Hopefully you’re working on some kind of TV deal because you’re the best tech guy out there.

  7. The videos from Orlando are very nice, Leo. I’m not really interested in that kind of stuff, but you made it interesting and informative, as usual. Great job!

  8. I have posted 2 of the old school pics from TSS on my site. These are from the good old days we all remember. They are the same ones that Dan Huard posted about a couple months back. Also if anyone wants a free gmail acoount, please email me for one.

  9. :gulp:
    Great stuff leo. Especially that pritner. But im partial to printers. Im a printer technician. Ya know though that you cant really get good icc profiles with a pcl printer like that hp. You need a good postscript printer to get true 2400 dpi. Anyway, we miss ya in the states. Word to the Wise avoid the quebeque like the plague

  10. These segments are a great ‘pick me up’ for those of us who continue to go through the withdrawals of going cold turkey from Leo on television.
    I’d love to see video based podcasts become a part of the Leo media empire. 🙂

  11. Hey Leo,
    I love the broadcasts from PMA. Your opinions carry the weight of your years of experience with these gadgets and you’re able to cut through the crap and get to the real cool stuff while keeping it simple and to the point.

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