15 Replies to “Live from Orlando, It’s Saturday Night”

  1. I can’t believe the woman at the end didn’t want an autographed picture!! She’ll be kicking herself in the morning.

  2. What a night. I installed Red Hat (an old distro I got with a big fat book in 2003). Updated Mozilla, installed the flash player and watched Leo. I am in geek heaven.

  3. I am suffering from Leo leport withdrawl. I wish leo could find a channel in the united states!!! :-S

  4. was greatas always, your the best, the shows going to u know where. No more learning there, miss u & patrick`s info, need input, they don`t compute. bob

  5. Leo, I would subscribe to ZDTV all over, again, if I could watch you and Jim and Patrick and John, once again. I have to give you credit for the fact that — after 22 years of M$oft — I went out and bought a Mac Mini.
    OS X Rules and, most of the time, I have to say that Leo knows best.

  6. That’s pretty cool…wouldn’t it be nice to see a half hour (maybe an hour) show like that…maybe a little more in depth tech though.

  7. Leo, Great work.
    Here is an idea and maybe you have thought of it and arent ready for it yet.
    You do a weekly radio show on the weekends, why not set up a camera and record it, then post the segments on the here or the web on monday morning. Sure it wouldnt be the best show, and you might have to get out of your ‘jammys but it could be a great way to refine a new web broadcast that you are saying is the future, which I agree with. Having some freinds over for short segments could be fun too, you had megan M in there for awhile, and your patric norton, Kevin Rose… Weekend was a good set of shows.
    Just a suggestion, Maybe a half hour show once a week and see how it goes, I bet people would even be willing to subscribe for a few bucks a month, which should cover costs. of course you are still increadibly busy with other things, but I bet it could work.

  8. On Saturday’s radio show you mentioned a cool website that a guy who hacks runs. You said he makes his car took like a commercial vehicle so he can park in SF at the yellow curbs. What was that website? Thanks!

  9. Well done Mr. Mayor!
    I really liked the $99 camera phone image printer.
    Richard is right, it makes me miss TSS and CFH.
    P.S. The smileys seem to be broken (at least in Firefox)

  10. I was intrigued with the video…. I was also amazed with the clarity of the video and the sound….. I want to see more….
    I, too, miss Leo the Man from TSS and C4H….. we just got to have you back for the masses.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  11. A printer for your cell phone pics huh? Well, it was only a matter of time. Pretty good price too!
    For people still on a learning curve with this web video thing that was pretty darn good Leo! Looking forward to seeing the next two postings.

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