19 Replies to “Hurricane Leo Hits Orlando”

  1. Leo, Be careful if you get down on the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. There are some pretty hot nightspots to visit. (Take your phone cam with you)

  2. WonderWorks! On I-Drive! Leo is in the heart of tourist country… Leo you’re only 45 minutes away from my house! Can you come by and fix my computer? 🙂

  3. Hey it just goes to show how solidly Built the archetecture is. I mean not only was it a great building, normally, but it is still all together now that it’s flipped.

  4. Ive been there. There should be a hotel across the street. Its a nice place, I hope to go back someday.

  5. There is a hotel down the street on International by that. It’s accross from the FAO Swartz. It’s the Peabody, nice hotel, stayed there 3 times now. Which your down there Leo, you should check out their marching ducks. They march out into a fountain every morning and march out later that night, it’s quite entertaining.

  6. I went to a magic show with beer and pizza there. The show was good but the pizza wasn’t but we had a coupon so it wasn’t that bad at all.

  7. Yeh I stayed across theYeh I stayed across the street in the Quality Inn Plaza.
    Wish I was over there now, but stuck in Scotland 🙁

  8. :coolsmile: I am glad you you had to enjoy the site of Orlando. The Wonder Works is not the only wonder in Orlando.

  9. I remember the hotel across from it being the Clarion Plaza Resort. Was given 4 nights for free there in ’99 for my honeymoon. We, being blue collar southern folk, were there during an opthalmology convention and felt really out of place.

  10. You should certainly take the phone cam with you if you are down on the Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando

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