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  1. If you find out where “Pumphandle Saskathewan” islet me know. I’ll bet it’s frozen.

  2. Leo,
    I have seen album art contained within some other podcasts. You should add a pic to your podcasts in the future. Thanks for providing your show via podcasts, it makes my train ride to work more enjoyable.

  3. I was just driving back to work from lunch and heard your voice on the radio. I haven’t watched TechTV since dropping my digital cable a year ago – nice to hear you again!

  4. Saskatoon, we have a problem.
    I’ve been trying to download the podcast, but all I’m getting is a 416kb file that claims to be TLR20050217.mp3, but is unplayable (and besides, far too small). According to my Podcast software (NetNewsWire), I should be getting an 11.3MB file.
    The URL listed for the file in the Podcast feed is http://leoville.tv.nyud.net:8090/tlr/TLR20050217.mp3
    I’ve tried downloading it on my Mac and on a WinXP box with no success (just the 416kb file both times).
    Perhaps this is related to the KFI podcast issue?

  5. TLR interview gets a little more than a place-marker (4KB), but WON’T download .Using Podcast Tuner and iPodder, not iPodderX-lite (so far)
    iPodder Beta 2 r1 shows what’s there, and if it WON’T dl, then I go to Tuner. Haven’t had any luck with those, so I’ll probably go to iPodderX-lite annd see from there.
    Tod White

  6. Playpod is crashing for me each time I try to download this file. I’ve tried to import what was downloaded into iTunes, but it apparently doesn’t recognize the file.

  7. Good interview / segment Leo.
    They guy’s name made me want to say…
    How much wood could a Murry Wood chuck chuck if a Murry Wood chuck could chuck wood? :red:

  8. Has anybody gotten the Podcast of this interview yet? Still trying, but no success here.

  9. I can’t get the download either using iPodder, same problems as listed above. Hope to hear it soon.

  10. I listened to the show. I nearly hit the floor when I heard Leo on 980. First Ryan Renalds, now Leo, in SK???

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