Friday Funnies

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The first hospital in the US was opened in Pennsylvania on this day in 1752. Robert Fulton patented the steam boat in 1809. Nelson Mandela was freed in 1990.

Thomas Edison was born in 1847. Tina “Ginger” Louise was born in 1934.

  1. Carly Fiorina is out at Hewlett-Packard, saying she quit in a dispute with the board over the future direction of the company. The board’s chair was quoted in the NY Times as saying “These things always seem precipitous when they occur. But the board has been deliberating the company’s performance, and the C.E.O.’s performance, for quite some time.” But don’t cry for me Fiorina, Carly’s getting a severance package worth $21.1 million. HP shares closed at 21.53 up nearly 7% on the news. When Fiorina started with HP in 1999 the stock price was over 40.
  2. The Motion Picture Association of America has taken over LokiTorrent. The bittorrent tracker site was attempting to raise money to fight the MPAA, but a court order shut it down yesterday. Even more chilling, the court ordered LokiTorrent to give the MPAA their domain and all the server logs. The site now features the threat, “You can click but you can’t hide. Stealing movies leaves a trail. The only way not to get caught is to stop.” Makes me want to steal a movie right now.
  3. Just in the nick of time, Philips has developed a way to fingerprint films so they can be tracked on P2P networks.
  4. The FCC has told cable companies that they needn’t carry all the digital channels offered by local television stations. The shift to digital has made it possible for a single TV station to broadcast several shows at once, creating an issue for cable companies who don’t have the benefit of the additional bandwidth.
  5. News image

  6. FreeBSD is retiring its daemon logo. A public competition will be held to choose a replacement. Toy Story director John Lasseter created the earliest versions of the daemon – the current version is copyrighted by Marshall Kirk McKusick. I kinda like it, but then I like Underwood Deviled Ham, too.
  7. There’s a big flaw in nearly all of Symantec’s products on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and AS400 systems and Brightmail clients. The flaw could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on these systems. Symantec has patches so run LiveUpdate now.
  8. Temco is suing a web site that published hacks to its Xbox game Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball. The hack allowed users to strip the game’s characters naked. And this hurts game sales how?

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14 Replies to “Friday Funnies”

  1. Leo, on the link to the LokiTorrent site, you omitted the “dot” between “lokitorrent” and “com”… 😉

  2. Don’t forget Nimoy’s popular line of books:
    “I’m Not Spock”,
    “I am Spock”, and
    “I am Also Scotty”

  3. Big flaw in nearly all off Symantec’s products.My norton antispam expired on 1-10-05 and as I will now renew (not worth it)Leo sir am I still in danger? If so should I just delete it as I don’t use it? Does anyone else have any advice?

  4. Tina “Ginger” Louise was born in 1934.
    yeah shes gonna hit you with SO much hate mail.
    She HATES being assosiated with the island ‘it was only one part of my long great life’ yeah well no one cares, they like giligan. Unlike Alec Guiniss who had a lot of talent and an OSCAR before doing Star Wars which he resented being the only thing people knew him for, Tina only did ‘ginger’ and some dinner theater.
    Why do people hate being assosiated with thier biggest fan base? You dont see Leo getting mad a people who say “its that guy from TSS! no the one who DIDNT wear a kilt all the time” or “hey the call for help guy”

  5. TSS Fan, Tina Louise was at the TV Land awards last year with the remaining Gilligan’s Island cast members to get the “Pop Icon” award, and seemed happy to be there. I think she has finally “come to terms” with being associated with the show. Remember, for YEARS, Lenard Nimoy said “I’m not Spock”, but later came back for the theatrical films.

  6. yeah nimoy is a funny case, he hated it basicly for the first 5 years after the show then it became his life and he fully embrased it. I think he realised that the fans really appreciated his work and that was a good thing. He has gone from hating it to making his entire living off it betwen books CD’s and apperences.
    every time someone menchions LOTR’s I always hear this in my head “BIL-bo, Bilbo bagins braves little hobbit of them all.. BIL-bo BIL-bo, Bil-BO Bil-Bo..” CURSE YOU LENARD NIMOY!! hey lets appoint him to be ambasordor to the UN… 😉

  7. Symantec sux anyways. I got a mac and havent had virus protection software installed in like 6 or so years. Because I dont need it. I luv the mac. The Windows XP is who nutha story. SUX…
    btw.. please use me as a referral so I can get a free brand new car. only 25 mor referrals left.
    referral =

  8. Greets from the Big Apple!Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man here. Taking a breather here atop the Chrysler Building and relishing in the fact that I found yet another open WAP.
    Loved the Symantec article. Besides, the footprint it leaves on my system, I always knew there was another reason for not using good old Norton. I’ve been using AVG for a few years now and haven’t had any problems.
    Well, I’m off. Gonna head back to the apartment, get cleaned up a bit then get to the Bugle. I’ve got film to develop.
    Nice to see you carrying the Call For Help banner after TTV’s demise!
    Take Care and as I always say,
    Keep On Slingin!!

  9. I wonder if that movie fingerprint would be including all the compression technologies I mean in theory you could get a frame by frame color tone average that would make a pattern for each movie but if the frame count is different on the compression the # is thrown off. The movie fingerprinting is definately an interesting puzzle.

  10. About Tecmo: Leo, I don’t think you quite get it. The website with the hacks wasn’t known widely enough; the lawsuit is to get attention and help spread the word about it.
    I tuned in TSS just recently, out of curiosity. I actually felt sorry for Kevin and Sarah still being trapped in something like that. Miss you guys down here.

  11. If your anti-virus is up to date, and just the anti-spam is expired, I wouldn’t worry quite as much.
    /has good luck with his ISP and Yahoo email accounts server side filtering, along with the built-in filtering in Opera, no need for an extra program…

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