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  1. JP, I think you should be more concerned that people need bands to support cancer.

  2. Shame on you ( whoever belongs to the Hand ) for not supporting Lance
    Perhaps you have the real deal on your right hand
    If I had a spare Livestrong Band I would send it too you
    Catch Lance Armstrong on Oprah Friday
    JP in Canada

  3. You should know it has nothing to do with Lance Armstrong, for one. Nor does it have anything to do with his cancer foundation, good or bad. It’s made my a group of cyclists, and it’s about living life by the seat of your pants. Have fun, go snowboarding, go mountain biking, fall down & get hurt, drink and be merry, life’s too short, live “wrong.”

  4. A yearly $100 donation to your favourite cancer foundation says less but does more for the cause then a rubber yellow band

  5. OMG! Symbol of struggle and triumph?? It’s a rubber band made in china! I have like 5 of those things in every color! Pink one from a breast cancer event, a green one from some rubber duck race, a blue one… red… and the yellow “livestrong” of course. Original my hiney! It’s the jelly braclet of the 21st century. And this one doesn’t even mean any offense, why does everybody hate it so? Have some fun already.

  6. Just imagin JP if 20 million people had donated 2 dollars each instead of 1 buck for the band and 2 bucks for shipping so they could say “look at me I supported lance”
    There is nothing wrong with supporting the ‘LAF’ thru the purchase of bands or an other contribution its a good charity people are not critizing the charity.
    People are critizing YOU for saying that leo or anyone else is a bad person for wearing something OTHER than a LAF band. As Leo Said he owns several LAF bands he just prefers to wear a different one, the comments that you are making are saying that “Leo’s contribution to the LAF to fight cancer are wasted because hes not showing off that he does it”
    I have never purchased a LAF band does that make me a bad person? and I wont say how much But I have donated a Significant amount to LAF and other cancer Charities, I just dont feel the need to show it off everwere I go with a silly yellow piece of synthetic rubber.

  7. synthetic rubber… that’s made in China.hee hee, I can’t help it. Seriously though, it’s printed right inside the band. Empty American factories are a whole ‘nother topic, though… buy “made in the USA” (don’t shop at wal-mart)!
    We tried to get some of these made up for a charity event my work was sponsoring but the turnaround time from China was too long of a wait. They must have had the livestrong ones made waaaay in advance of the Tour.

  8. Leo…Right on for making a statement. I like it….and respect it.
    and I salute you.

  9. Not meant as anything more than a suggestion, folks; but — the yellow wristbands didn’t get popular HERE until the summer. If my fellow Americans ever get over the habit of parochialism, they might notice something useful happening in the rest of the world — and bring it home before it shows up in Salon or Wired or
    The most prevalent wristband/political statement happening around the world, right now, is the crossed pair of bands, one black, one white — from the STAND UP, SPEAK UP organization against racism in sport. You can get them from [strangely enough] http://www.standupspeakup.com — when they manage to catch up with demand.

  10. Good for you Leo. One doesn’t NEED to wear the band in order to support the cause.(personally, i like the look of the ‘LiveWrong’ band more)

  11. Im sorry but, Ed Campbell there is nothing wrong with Careing about what the rest of the world thinks and does but its not WRONG to be more interested in your own back yard. Guess what the Germans talk about? Europe and America, guess what the French talk about? Europe and America, guess what the Canadians talk about? Canidia and america. I agree that some americans are too americentric but there is a reason. America has what? half the worlds wealth and 2/3 of the worlds influence? Everyone around the world talks about america and So do we. I guess that makes us just as much global citizens talking about the worlds issues as anyone else 😉 Sure there are trends started in other countries that we pick up, but More often than not its the other way around. America is a great country that spends Billions and Billions feeding clothing and educating the world, sure we could do more but we are doing a ton.

  12. Nice band Leo (at least I think its Leo)…My friend has some, I think they’re called Baller Bands….I hope that Laptop on todays show was okay it looked like you and andy got it soaked.
    Vancouver, Canada

  13. hey i am a nobody in this site but i was reading what everybody was saying about these bands…. personaly i think they are a excelent idea as they are atractive to kids and that way insead of them spending the money on usless junk they are donating to a charity weather they know that or not, who knows … but the fact still remains THAT THEY ARE DONATING!!!
    thanx for reading jack england

  14. Can you say “a-maze-ing”? I knew that you could…
    The previous one-day record of 382,000 Yellow LAF wristband sales was smashed.
    The wristband sales for from Friday’s Oprah air date were over 900,000, plus an additional 300,00 more on Saturday!
    Viva Lance

  15. Viva Lance; that’s right. Let’s idolize a man who left his wife for a pop icon. A tad shallow, no? I know that’s the kind of person I want my son looking up to.I await a flurry of angry responses.

  16. I don’t have a wife…but I would wanna date a pop icon. However, no that is not an action I would wanna support. BTW, baller bands are for basketball players that wanna look like Lebron, no charity involved unless you think Adidas is a charity?
    This debate is funny…You guys are on the same team just let other people do what they wanna do…me i wanna buy every band and wear them all while buying ribbon bumperstickers and covering my car with them cause then i would be supporting every cause with a buck for each!

  17. Well for what it’s worth, I’ve purchased many livestrong bands – but I prefer to wear the livewrongs. Just call me a rebel.

  18. That’s really very sad. To negate and to parade your negation of an honorable symbol of struggle and triumph over cancer with something that has no originality and shows a complete lack of concern for anyone else or anyone elses feelings. Good job.

  19. From the http://www.Laf.org
    As of October 2004 , more than 20 million bands rubber bands were sold , that raised 20 million dollars ,
    Id say that has done a lot for the cause !

  20. Those Livestrong bands have been around for about two years they just didnt get popular untill the summer. When I was at the coun… at a hotel franchise, it was my job as night auditor to make sure that there was a bookmark and a livestrong band in every copy of his book that we had above the fireplace.

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