15 Replies to “Scoble and Craig”

  1. Thanks Leo , it wasnt too badMaybe pick a quieter corner next time
    Do another Scoble-cast soon

  2. I thought the podcast was great and it came through sounding more like a SoundSeeing tour. Very real… I felt like I was having lunch with you guys !

  3. We were going to do a podcast – but the recording didn’t turn out very well. I’ll see if I can salvage something and post it today.

  4. I really enjoyed that Podcase Leo. Please do more of that type of informal chats. Pirillo does that too although he does yap a lot. The sound was ok considering at least there was no feedback.

  5. Ummmm…ok, I tried to listen, but when you talk to Patrick would really like to hear him clearly. However it comes out with Patrick I’ll listen! ;-)Thanks Leo for all you do for us.

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