Monday’s Master Plan

It’s just another Macish Monday.
The new Mac laptops are here. The new Mac laptops are here. Speed bumps to 1.67Ghz, 8x superdrives, and motion sensors for falls. I’m off to the store, but some news before I go…

RCA demonstrated the first music synthesizer on this day in 1955. James van Allen discovered the Van Allen Belt in 1958. 3M introduced Scotch Tape in 1961. Ham the chimpanzee soared into space aboard Mercury-Redstone 2, 1961.

It’s Jackie Robinson’s birthday, he was born in 1910.

  1. The Norwegian supreme court has overturned a lower court ruling and fined a teenager 100,000 kroner (around $15,000) for linking to illegal music downloads. The student’s site,, did not host any illegal files, it merely pointed to their location, much as, say Google does. The site was a school project, and the precedent is very scary.
  2. If you drive a Ford, Toyota, or Nissan don’t count on that its tech key code system to keep it from being stolen. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found a flaw in the key’s RFID chip that makes it easy to spoof.
  3. Apple won’s Reader’s Choice award as “the brand with the most impact in 2004,” beating out Google for the first time. In this case the Readers are brand professionals in 75 countries, not crazed Mac zealots.
  4. $100 PC

  5. Nick Negroponte, director of the MIT Media Lab, is proposing a $100 Linux-based computer, display and all, for developing nations. Negroponte went to the World Economic Forum in Davos with his prototype. He has support from AMD. The key is getting display costs down by using an LED projection system.
  6. Virus authors have started using .rar files to bypass automated virus filters. The filters know about zip compression, but are clueless about the lesser known rar format. Not for long, I’d guess.
  7. So what does Intel’s new VIIV trademark portend? The best guess is that it’s supposed to be 64 – VI and IV – for Intel’s new 64-bit chips. I’m not sure I really care.
  8. It’s not all over for us old folks, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, adults are more adept at surfing the web than most teens. So there, now get offa my lawn you punks.
  9. According to USA Today, there are some pretty funny gaffes in Amazon’s new Yellow Pages. For one, they picture Rockefeller Center’s skating rink as a bus.
  10. Are you ready for Gigabit Wi-Fi? They’ve got it in the lab!

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22 Replies to “Monday’s Master Plan”

  1. No G5’s in the Powerbooks? What a let down. Maybe they are still not able to get enough G5’s from IBM. :-S

  2. How far TSS has fallen. It has become one big plug-a-thon obvious and more troubling not so obvious. Was it a coincidence that a past dark deal segment featured great deals from tigerdirect when tigerdirect sponsored the build a pc for charity segment that week? Is it a coincidence such a fuss was made about KRose’s camera phone when he is a personal friend with the people behind textamerica? Is it ethical to do a segment on t-shirts from Jinx and not mention that you sell products from that company on your personal website?Leo, why do you even bother writing books? Why not just ask the kids in the audience to send you money so can buy equipment for some side project and whatever.
    We can thank the Dork Tipper for the freeipod and minimac spam. He has asked the kids to spread the word or spam blogs and messageboards to promote the latest version of the brokedown. I am sure KRose and his friends got their free stuff but what about the hundreds of kids spamming the internet that don’t get theirs? The TSS integrity credibility meter nears zero. What happened to full disclosure?

  3. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to spoof the code transmitted by they keys of certain car makers. According to the researches, the farthest they were able to pick up the signal was 1 foot away using thousands of dollar worth of equipment.

  4. So, Apple rolls out more niftyness. Any chance that some generous Apple geek would care to throw one of their old PowerBooks to a dirt-poor college student, now they they can grab one of these speedier models?

  5. It’s crazy. I want to get a Powerbook so bad, but as soon as I do, they’ll be better and faster. That’s the way it was when I got my iPod. But I know i’m getting one for graduation, so maybe by then they’ll have G5 in the Powerbook.

  6. Wish Apple had put in the G5. O’well. I’m sick of these freeipod mac mini pumps!

  7. Is it just me, or do the Podcasts fail for everyone? I haven’t been able to download one in over a week.

  8. My hope is that G4Tech sells C4H and TSS to a cable station like Discovery Communications. In so doing ALL of the folks we love and honor will be back — Leo and his buddies….. That is my wish………
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  9. Midnight – I’ve been having problems with the podcasts recently but my issue is a bit different. The podcasts are coming down but I can’t play them. It’s almost like they are corrupt or something.

  10. Anyone else finding it irksome that there hasn’t been a single update sence Monday?
    Is Leo in the Great white North again fighting Glaciers to make it to set?
    Mike Kevin’s online show, The Broken, is a good one.
    I host the 3 eppisodes that are currently out for an online file transfer service called Overnet. (an earlier version of E-Donkey and connects to E-Mule)
    Leo is no longer associated with TSS in any way.
    All the pandering to promotions is kinda G4’s Modis Operanda for the last 5 years.
    There are lots of message boards with sections for rants and I would love to see more of this on one of them, but here, all it is doing is making me wonder if you are looking for Leo to do something about what he has no connection to nor control over.

  11. Hello, I’m not sure if this is where I should put this but wasn’t exactly sure where else to put it. Anyway, here it goes. Why should I make “the switch” to Mac? I’m a PC user and have been for a quit a long time and would like the help of Leo(if he reads these comments) and other well informed, smart, people who can give the true pros & cons of switching. Now before I get flamed with stuff about how OS X is God and Windows wishes it was the devil please let me explain some things. Like I said above, I am a PC user. I know how to work a Mac (infact all my mother side uses Macs). I also build my own computers and mainly use it for writing, video editing, and pic editing (I’m and actor, writer, director) and have been completly happy with my computer. Now heres where my switching comes into place. I know Windows has it’s problems (even though I have encountered almost non of them). I also know that OS X is extremely well build. In fact I really like OS X but heres my problem. 1) I can’t build my own Mac! I know that some people have had kits so you can build your own (but I believe they were shut down by Apple) but from what I understand they all used stock Mac mother boards. I take pride in the fact that I can and do build my own computers and that I have the ability to use one of many different manufactures to build my system. 2) How do I expand a Mac. Alough I think the design of Apples products is great, I don’t see many ways for me to add extra 5.25 drives with out having them external. I like having everything in my computer. It uncluters my desk and gives me a centeral place that I go for everything. So I guess I’ll ask my question again. Why should I make “the switch” to a Mac. Again please don’t flame me because you think I’m a Mac hater. I’m not. I’m actually asking this question because I truly want to know if I should get a Mac or not. I’ve been thinking about it for the past 4 years but until the Mac mini there’s never been any finacial reason to do it.
    Thank you for reading my extremely long post,

  12. Chris there is a messageboard system. I would reccomend this going in there.
    The main problem with macs for upgrading parts, like you want to do, is getting inside of them.
    They keep doing all they can to keep home users out but the drives are the same ones that the microsoft and linux boxxes are using.
    It’s mostly a matter of cracking the case without cracking it literally.
    Almost every system sold has had the ways to the heart of the system discovered and posted even the new Mac Mini “No one can open” was opened and the way posted online in less than a week.
    So I say as long as you don’t mind that you will never have a good way to upgrade the processors go for it the MAC’s are superior systems. . .
    I personally will keep using both.

  13. Thank you for your help. I just signed up on the messageboard (can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier) and I’ll ask the same question when I’m cleared to post there. I’m not worried about opening the cases, it just looks like it would be hard to add another cd-rom drive, for instance or even a 7-in-1 card reader, that’s all. I’m thinking that the real solution is to use both. I mean why not. I have a game cube, a ps2, and most likely will buy an xbox evetually. I guess it’s not much different than that.

  14. .rar virus: But how many unpatched Windows boxes have an app than can decompress .rar files?
    VIIV: Why not LXIV? Maybe they’re afraid that most people can only count to ten in Roman numerals.

  15. So what’s holding Apple back from releasing the Powerbook G5? Is it techincal issues or are they just waiting for the right moment?
    Wow Leo! You’re buying one! Was there something wrong with the old one (besides the fact that I call it old)?

  16. It’s the cooling issues, TekMonkey. G5s genenerate heat like you wouldn’t believe. The speculation right now is that Apple is considering ways to stick water cooling units in G5 laptops, but I’m thinking that developing that kind of equipment into such a small package could result in prices shooting way up.

  17. Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 ( He died at too young in 1972. I know he was not real young when he broke into the majors in 1947 (28) but he was definitely not 37, though Satchel Paige might have been. Thanks for the interesting posts, Leo.

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