7 Replies to “Man Bikes Dog”

  1. My dad has a 2004 Honda Sport-Touring edition, and it has a motorized windshield. It doesnt so much help with the bugs, but with wind, and wind noise. Its as if your riding in a car!

  2. Cute dog, From the title you’d almost think it was an accident pic you know like in man bites dog, the dog got bit.
    Does anyone know if those wind screens actually help at all. Just based on what I have seen with bikers, durring the Anual Street Vibrations, it seems that most of the people on the bikes with the windshield have more bugs on their helmets.

  3. Blah that is hardly nothing compared to what I saw when driving through new mexico…I sa this guy in a smaller bike with a golden retriver riding on the back…no harness, no leash, nothing it was doing all the balancing itself…it was crazy, sadly by the time I got the camera out of the glovebox he had turned a corner and I never got my crazy pic 🙁

  4. One of the couples in our club has a Manchester Terrier named Lucy that rides with them on trips. She wears Doggles and has a harness that helps keep her inside her master’s jacket. She just snuggles in and rests until they get to their destination.

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