MacWorld Interviews

When I was at MacWorld I did an interview with Mr. Mark and Digital Bill for their Wizards of Technology podcast. You can listen to it here.
I also did an interview with Shawn King’s Your Mac Life. There’s audio and video of the interview here

Incidentally, ipodder 1.1.4 (the lemon client) is still having trouble with my feed URLs. Version 2 does not however. It’s beta but seems quite reliable. Get it from

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  1. Dear Leo,A year almost past since call for help in the US was pulled. G4TechTV is more or less just “G4”. Although i’m a gamer, i missed the quality technology programming before the accursed merger. The Channel is now nothing more than just an advertising channel for EB Games stores. Yep, I saw right through their scheme. Anyways, Just wanted to write this little vent because its been long and coming. It looks like the screen savers and X-play are the only ones left from the old guard Tech Tv days.
    Ugh. What bothers me the most out of this whole merger was the fact that they kept ROBOT WARS (WTF) and canned Call for Help. I bet Call for Help brought in more ratings than that stupid show ever did in a month. But then it doesn’t cost G4 much money to produce that stupid robot crap they just import the thing. ARRGH!!! The corporate world sucks!!!
    I hope to see you return to the US Market someday on TechTV and return some much needed credibility, class, humor, respect, and heart back to the channel.

  2. Ok this is strange. The audio in iTunes for your interview did not sound right. When I played it in Windows Media Player it sounds good. I don’t know what the problem is.

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