11 Replies to “It’s Gettin Hot In Here”

  1. Um, aside from whatever else may be going on in this picture, my first question is:
    “Where are your pants?”

  2. Does this mean that the penalties for practicing medicine without a licence are not as strong in countries with socialized medicine? %-P

  3. First off…What are you doing to the poor man with the laptop???Second where are your pants?????
    And Finally
    I Dare You and CyberWalker there to go outside and take a run around the block.

  4. Hmmm…now let me get the strainght. 2 men in Kilts [oh pardon..lab coats?] trying to Fluoroscope a poor innocent victum… 😆 :bug: ;-P

  5. Wayne,
    Why do you think we have socialized health care? Anyone can practice medicine — even Leo!
    Leo: Now, sir, can you tell me what the problem is?
    Victim: Uhhh… I’ve got this burning sensation right around… uhhh… my hard drive.
    Leo: Andy, why don’t you take care of this one. I’ll look after the cute lady in the waiting room that got stuck in the photocopier.

  6. He was gonna post another pic.. but you know, this is a family site so he just sent it directly to suzie from leoville. :red:
    And on a side note, Leo sure is doing a lot of temp comments, maybe hes going thru metapause 😉

  7. Leo,
    I see there are rumors about your friend Michael Powell resigning from the FCC. Bummer!

  8. Would it be possible for anyone to email me the kfi audio shows? I used to be able to listen to the shows at work until recently. I guess my company decided to block me from listening to them at work. 🙁

  9. Testing that old Sterility theory Leo.
    I can’t get the show yet please tell me if it did anything for the seamen count.
    By the way do you have another picture to reasure the people that the lab coats are only hiding shorts and not just underwear.

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