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  1. Maybe I should have asked you earlier what we (the fans) can do to get CFH in the U.S. %-P

  2. this is the message i got hope it’s a good sign!
    Server has Timed Out
    Our server is experiencing high volumes right now. Your request has been timed out. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please try again in a few moments. If you continue to experience problems, please come back later.

  3. Thanks for this opportunity, and for another way of letting off steam to G4 for ruining a wonderful station. I can’t believe how they canned everybody that knew computers to a bunch of gameboys.

  4. I signed up, but what happened to that announcement that leo made on KFI about the show already being sold to the a station Philippines?

  5. “Server has Timed OutOur server is experiencing high volumes right now. Your request has been timed out. We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Please try again in a few moments. If you continue to experience problems, please come back later.”
    I’ve gotten the above message each time I’ve tried to submit the form the past three hours. 🙁

  6. I keep getting timeouts too, I’ll try again in the morning.
    Leo, are they looking for local broadcast channels? Just not sure what to put for the “What channel would you like to see…” question.

  7. Offhand, I think TLC (The Learning Channel) and DSC (Discovery) would be the best fit. The show doesn’t belong on digital cable! It should be on a channel that doesn’t require an extra box. Even PBS would be a good place for it, but they don’t do daily shows. Maybe CFH could replace Lehrer News Hour…..hmmm…works for me.

  8. Same here server time out. I think TLC or DSC would work too. May be even USA Network. I needs a Tech channel! I miss TechTV so much!

  9. USA, TLC, Discovery, Any Channel is great so long as it is expanded basic or below. I fear it may end up in the hands of DIY where I will still be cut off.
    It wouldn’t be the first time.

  10. Well I just tried it again (7:15 am, Central Time) and I’m still getting timeout errors. Methinks they are having server issues?

  11. Too Bad you can’t edit earlier comments like in most messageboards.
    I think the reaosn for the big Time out happening is because of a simple traffic overload. The Entire United States (or at least everyone who had ever watched Tech TV) is now bombarding the site trying to get the show back here.

  12. I’m still getting the server error. I want to send mytwo cents but I can’t. I think Discovery or TLC or Discovery Home. I’d follow Call for help to where ever she goes.

  13. This is no other choice in the United States but Discovery or TLC … they are owned by the same group and the headquarterd at Discovery Communications, Incorporated 7700 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda, Maryland 20814-3522.
    The one thing I know (because I work in television) is that they are doing a lot of their own programming. For many years they bought programs from other companies, but more recently they have begun to sprout wings and have been aggressive in producing their own shows.

  14. I’m getting the same server issues as well. It seems like Leo once again has the ability to call on the fans to take down yet another server. LOL…. awesome… 😉
    On the channel talk, who cares what channel? As long as we can get CFH in the States anyone will do! Granted, I agree that probably TLC or one of the Discovery channels makes the most sense. Also like someone mentioned about DIY, that could still cut off a large number of people (me included) so I wouldn’t want to see that happen.
    Well everyone, cross your USB cables that we get CFH back!

  15. “CFH effect” of course. %-P Not surprising at all with so many fans. Server Timed Out…will keep trying.
    Like to see CFH2.ca put on CBand (Big Dish) on a Digital Channel for the 4DTV Digital pkg available through NPS program provider. (National Programming Service)
    We will never be able to get Cable-Rural area. DIY might be the logical or on Analog side that would make it available to all Cable networks around the world like original TechTV did.

  16. Loosing Call for Help and Screensavers was like the movie “Wall Street” Gordon Geko (aka) G4 bought the company (TechTv) in a hostile takeover, then stripped it’s assests leaving only the name. Leo please come back I and my father who is 83 years old loved your programs! My dad who is a retired engineer (designed the heads up display for fighter jets) is very active in packet radio / computers and has written to G4 on your behalf several times! You are the reason I have a Tivo too. I will do anything I can on my end to help your cause, write letters, make phone calls, visits etc. I strongly believe in intelligent TV. G4 is for gamers. Tech TV was for thinkers! Good Luck ~Marty

  17. It timed out on me as well…but this is what I would post.
    I would love for a new network to be launched following the old techtv/zdtv model. Discovery has several digital networks (wings, times, etc). TLC & Discovery already produce some technology related programming. A technology network is a perfect match. This will allow for a breakthrough program to follow to TLC or Discovery & become the next American Chopper or Trading Spaces. Leo & Pat are the one’s to host it!

  18. I finally got it to submit, after trying nearly 24 hours… I put “DIY” for the station, since, according to Leo once, they were originally pushing the show to.

  19. http://www.jojometal.com/archives/000274.php
    I don’t think it’s a good idea to involve G4TechTV after what they did to the programs that came over from TechTV. I don’t think they’ll have control over the programming, but if they are able to benefit from it, it’s a bad idea. They should not be given another chance to profit from TechTV’s audience. If they have legal rights to the show, I understand, otherwise wait it out and find another distributor.

  20. I don’t care what channel they put CFH on…..just as long as they bring it to the US….TechTV sucks 🙁

  21. Why not just broadcast it on the web??? I’d be willing to pay a reasonable fee for it.

  22. I was lucky to get my comments sent. I, too, placed The Learning Channel as my choice. At one time, I was an independent contractor for Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel (I was the Subject Area Manager/Language Arts for Assignment:Discovery). TLC seems to be a “natural” for C4H.
    I also “blasted” G4/TechTV for the inane action of removing C4H from their programming schedule.
    I hope G4/TechTV has the good sense to sell C4H to Discovery Networks. They will do right by you, Leo. In fact, G4 should sell the ScreenSavers to Discovery Networks, too.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  23. Guy… You don’t have to worry about the form being on G4TechTV.ca Comcast only owns 1/3 of G4TechTV Canada and has no say in its operations. That is the reason we could get CFH here in Canada.

  24. Gone arround my accessable Dial and I have to say the best place to try would be TLC. There is even a chance of finding room in their budget (what with using it to reface main streets of towns) to work on getting the show Live again.

  25. I’m not sure of the channel either so I picked DIY Network. Not sure who owns what channel or if CFH is for sale to anyone.

  26. Why in the world would anyone want to see call for help? I mean what do they have worth watching inteligent and engauging hosts, assistance with real problems, and tips you can use in your life? ohh I just answered my own question didnt I

  27. I couldn’t get in earlier either but was finally able to put in my two cents just now. Being on the net at 4 AM has its advantages. 🙂 . With the rapid change and development in technology daily the sooner Call for Help returns to the States the better. Let us know if there is anything else we can do Leo.

  28. I’m sorry.
    As much as I’d like to believe this is doing any good, I believe CFH 2.0 will NEVER make it into The US due to the logistics imposed by Canadian TV. This is all one big farce.
    I don’t see it coming back until a couple of years from now.

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