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  1. And the weather people say that snow is coming our way tonight. We also have Canada to thank for this cold snap we’re having, right now it’s 8 degrees.

  2. An Eastern Cold … from an Alberta Clipper
    An Alberta Clipper is born on the high plains east of the Canadian Rockies. The average clipper then dives southeast, into the Dakotas and Minnesota, and then arcs eastward across the Great Lakes. Such a storm delivers little snow – much like Leo is experiencing.
    However …. Once in a while, a clipper moves across the Appalachians and takes on new life as a nor’easter. That happened in grand fashion on February 6, 1978, when a modest clipper turned into the great New England Blizzard of ’78
    ( http://www.weathernotebook.org/transcripts/2000/02/15.html )
    Toronto is actually south of Minneapolis and although north of Chicago I would take their winters anytime. They get less snow than Buffalo (who doesn’t though) and have an outdoor stadium with a roof that can open and close – did you catch that fact Mr. NFL.
    My friends in the states often accuse Albertans of inventing the Alberta Clipper so we could make more money selling natural gas … I wish … Weatherman say the capital of the Alberta Clipper is Edmonton – I have never seen one in Alberta … although Devenver normally gets us once a year with a “Colorado low”
    Oh well at least our computers give off some heat …

  3. hi leo looks cold up there stay in californa where it’s warm. i hear it’s 80 degrees right now. i envy you where you live. i would love to live there in the bay area. keep warm!!!!

  4. Hi Leo.
    When are you going to do a show on Open Source Wireless Mesh Network? It would be great to let people know about this technology and how it works.
    I’m glad that Toronto was able to save your show. I don’t know why the G4 guys in the States made such an error.
    Anyways keep warm!

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