10 Replies to “The Real Toronto Bound”

  1. Thats not the ambassador bridge.
    The towers are wrong, there is no big neon sign on top that sais “ambassador bridge”, the lights are wrong, the road doesnt look like that and there is GAINT HILL IN THE SIDE OF THE PHOTO.
    Further the Big D is Dallas not detroit… Detroit is ‘the motor city’ even though there are no motors made there, and havent been for 30 years. Also half the cars there dont run.. but whatever
    Have you ever BEEN to detroit ‘thebends’?

  2. Cheeese. At a quick glance I did not see the hill to the right. Picture was kinda dark on my laptop. Sorry. I live in a suburb about an hour from Detroit. I have been downtown but not often. WHY would anyone want to go downtown to Detroit? The city is a complete JOKE. There is nothing to do down there other then go to a few rip-off casinos. Walking around in Detroit is like taking a tour of a bombed out Iraq. And the only reason I referred it to the Big D is because the cities hero EMINEM (if you can believe that) called it that. I can’t wait until the Superbowl next year so people can see what a joke that city is and what a fool of a mayor they have.

  3. “the cities hero EMINEM”
    but I agree the mayor is a fool, I wasnt a big fan of archer but atleast he got stuff done. Quamee has.
    Been investigated for fraud and other things by:
    1. the State police
    2. the election board of michigan
    3. the state D.A.’s office
    4. The civil liberties association,
    5. Several branches of the federal government
    6. Every major network
    7. Are we seeing a trend here
    He has effectivly set the city back 5 years in progress, the Ren cen. will probably be vacent when the lease expires next year. There are talks of the auto show not coming back to detroit

    There is one group who is in a better possition now then when archer was mayor. Freinds of the mayor, AKA: the technicolor silk suit possie. everyone else? Sorry kids no new text books this year quamie needs a new escalade, I mean, ALLEDGEDLY needs one 😉

  4. Oh and BTW….I’m going to the giant car dealer show tomorrow. I don’t know why I go every year. I get free tickets but still….it’s essentially walking through a giant car dealer.

  5. Did he fly into Detroit and take the Ambassador Bridge via car to Toronto? If I would have known he was coming through the Big D I would have met him at the airport! Bummer.

  6. Let it be known that Tss Fan is very knowledgeable about what is happening in Detroit. But you did forget to mention the stripper incident with the mayor too.”Technicolor Silk Suit Possie”….too funny. Excellent post. If Detroit loses the Auto Show it’s all over.
    Once again I can’t wait until next year when the superbowl spotlight reviels what a joke the city is.

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