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  1. yeah wake up to -1F, then have to walk 10 min to class not what i enjoy at 7:15 in the morning.
    But it would’t be winter without it 🙂

  2. Chinook here we come …
    A Chinook is a warm, dry wind experienced along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada. Most common in winter and spring, it can result in a rise in temperature of 20C (35 to 40F) in a quarter of an hour.
    Calgary got one today and it is fantastic. Only 4 days a go the wind chill was -40 and now the joggers were out in shorts. It is one reason the folks in Toronto don’t always like us – the other is they know much we make on the natural gas we sell them when its that cold out east … :coolsmile:

  3. :coolcheese: Keep it cool Leo you may want to look into those jackets with the bateries for all the tech devices some of them are made with heating and cooling coils.

  4. hi leo cold up there isn’t it? live in chicago for a while. anyway can’t wait to hear from you this satarday and sunday on the interweb as patarick likes to call it. say hi to him for me when you see him. 🙂

  5. We just got back from Palm Desert,CA where it was 82 degrees. Almost had to turn on the Air Conditioner! Sorry Leo… ;-PMaybe CFH2 could come down there in the winter & return in the spring like the snow birds???? Dream on huh?
    Isn’t it extra cold this year in Canada. Brrrrrr…
    Keep warm, & please do what Dave said. Roll up the windows man!

  6. I wish I was there in Toronto. Its going to be a heat wave in the valley of the geeks! Today high in san jose ca was 68!! Its suspose to be Winter not spring or fall.
    Tomorrow Thu Fri Sat 6-10 Day
    sky: fair (night)
    Mostly Clear
    High: 60°
    Low: 45° sky: fair (day)
    Mostly Sunny
    High: 68°
    Low: 46° sky: partly cloudy (day)
    Partly Cloudy
    High: 66°
    Low: 45° sky: fair (day)
    Mostly Sunny
    High: 67°
    Low: 45° sky: sunny
    High: 69°
    Low: 46°

  7. I feel your pain…
    walking down detroit streets last night to the autoshow in the windtunnel that was created by poor city management was a treat.
    My girlfreind pulled out a wind gauge when we got to the car, dont ask, and it was a constant 48 MPH with gusts of up to 67… plus the base temp was 13.
    Welcome to the north leo!

  8. Hey Leo: I know what you mean about cold… we are experiencing a frigid time here too… so I can and do sympathize with you.

  9. “Chinook here we come …
    A Chinook is a”
    Helicopter used by the U.S. Army for transpotation of heavy loads such as vehicals. Plus its rugged dependability make it usefull for the ‘very cold rescue team’ Sorry I dont recall the official name, snow badgers or something. They train in alaska and go all over the world rescuing stranded skiers hikers and the ocasional tv host in toronto. HELP IS ON THE WAY LEO!

  10. Think of the positive… We could all be in Dawson Yukon where it’s -43C(-46F). It’s only -23C(-9F) here in Toronto.

  11. I hesitate to tell you all that it is in the 60s here in sunny Florida.It was REALLY cold this morning, in the 40s.

  12. This ain’t Geek-cruisin’ in the Carribean!
    I’m leaving the deep freeze behind for southern latitudes this weekend and will drink a margarita at sunset in Key West for you, Leo!

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