Keynote Chat is Up

Rick has posted the transcript from our chat room MacWorld Keynote Coverage over at MacMerc. At one point 1,000 people were in the chat room. Digital Bill Douthett and I were covering Steve’s talk at the show, Rick, Nitrozac and Snaggy were adding color from home. What a blast!
We got such a great response to the mini-Screen Savers reunion that I’m trying to figure out a way we can do it on a regular basis, maybe even with video. In the first three days, nearly ten thousand people have downloaded the audio. It seems to me this is what podcasting was made for.

Incidentally the feedburner stats to the left reflect the daily downloads, which means that there are 60-70,000 podcasts being downloaded each month in both categories. It’s hard to calculate exactly how many subscribers that equals, but currently around 30,000 people download each radio show. It’s probably somewhat higher for the TLR feed. Thanks so much for your interest and support. It’s clear that podcasting has become a totally viable broadcast medium and I expect to do much more with it in 2005.

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  1. it’s good to see I’m not the only one that misses that origial cast. My 7:00 PM’s haven’t been the same

  2. :wow: wow i am the first posting..i am never the first posting. Anyways, i wanted to say thankyou for the screen savers reunion. I can not speak for anyone else, but i was great to hear everyone one once again. Thank you Leo for putting together.

  3. Tell G4 we want the CALL FOR HELP back. The screensavers show is all for?????????We need HELP and you are the one to do it.

  4. Leo, I have an excellent name for your podcasts! Why don’t you call it “The Screen Savers”
    Let’s take G4’s “The Screen Savers” to the mattresses!
    Is there anyway you can get the domain name back?

  5. Just like they said in Field of Dreams…Post it and they will come. 🙂
    Thank you Leo for making the audio (and possible video) available.
    Thank you VizaWeb for giving Leo the bandwidth to make these items available.

  6. Hope you can do another mini-Screen Savers reunion podcast. We certainly appreciated the chance to listen in, thank you Leo. :coolsmile:

  7. Leo , thanks for the podcast and the reunion news with the true original Screensavers . Its so amazing to me that the AIRHEADS at G4TechTv do not have the common sense to realize what a true gem they had in the Screensavers with you and Pat hosting the show . I guess the old saying is true , some people cant see the forest , for all the trees . Please keep us posted on any news concerning Call for Help returning to its rightful home , the good ole USA !

  8. hi leo i sure would be nice to see you and patrick back toether again. i hope you can convince him to get his own web site up and running before march 17th. 🙂

  9. Exactly Leo!!!!!!!!!
    That reunion was better than anything I have seen yet on G4TechTV More! More! 🙂

  10. I also can say it was pleasing to hear you guys together again. I got my dvr right when the change happened, and now its pretty much more useless to me than it would have been.
    Leo, Thanks for all you have done. I enjoyed your shows A lot.
    jeremy Marquardt

  11. Next generation broadcasting
    I am reading this as Steve Jobs’ keynote address is playing in the background.
    I keep thinking how nice it would be to watching “Teck Trak – The next generation of Technology Transfer … Its mission … to go where no traditional broadcaster has been or more importantly would ever go”
    There of course has to be a business model that works but before that happens there has to be the dream creator that give the people involved the permission to start living the dream…
    Please dream us in … Mr. Leo

  12. Enjoyed listening to you and the guys hamming it up after the MacWorld Expo. I sure do miss seeing you all on TV. I always learned something new and I appreciated your approachable and easy going style. Fact is, you are the real deal and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

  13. I just wanted to note something on this. First of all its increadible, I tuned in last week to the Techguy morning show and was going to call in but I couldnt get a good cell signal in my computer room, which might be consistant with the Wireless router I tried not being good… hmmmm. then I listened to the pod cast. It was great I really appreciate the effort you put into your fans Mr. Laport.
    Also besides the 10,000+ downloads. Kevin Rose of and put out a call for help
    TechTV would loan equipment for weekend use G4 will not, so they had to purchase new equipment for the broken. He asked fans for donations and in 3 days he got over $3000 donated plus a bunch of T-shirt purchases.
    Kevins going to run two ‘online shows’
    The broken, which is a computer security and humor show.
    and a new show with “TSS style content, Learning about computers” Hopefully we will see a leo segment soon, Time permitting.

  14. Leo:I would pay a monthly subscription fee to see a Screen Savers style show on WebCast. You guys could get together once a month and do an hour or two, couldn’t you? As tech mavens, you could even do it via VideoPhone. I’ll bet there is enough subscription money out here to pay some substantial bucks. What do you think?
    Rick Georges

  15. I too have wondered about the possibility of webcasts. Leo has always said they are the wave of the future and he is excited about them. It should be a lot cheaper to produce too, you dont have to have MASSIVE crews unless you want a massive show. Were as TechTV’s the screensavers had a staff of writers and producers and PA’s and camera men, and lighting techs and and and…it was over 100 people for the show and that doesnt include the TTV staff marketing execs the bagel guy, Im sure someone has an exact figure.
    But a webcast you need one guy on the camera, one guy running the camera/sound and an editor. Im sure a few well placed ads could cover all your time and investments. credits less than a dozen people per show and thats a VERY high quality well made ‘program’ which cost them what a hundred bucks an episode? excluding filming equipment, which is now payed for….

  16. That really is excellent news! 10,000 downloads shows that there really is a demand for good tech programming. Too bad G4 doesn’t seem to realize this. I can’t wait to see more TSS podcasts!

  17. Heck Yes let’s get some of the old TSS and CFH folks back together.
    I *WISH* there was a way to get the names and the rights to the old shows in the hands of the folks who did the shows and let you guys offer the shows to any local cable / broadcast stations and just build on the “TechTV” brand and go for it.

  18. It was great to hear you guys’ on the podcast the other day.
    The think I like to see is the number of posts on the TSS forums, on the G4 website, in comparison to the other shows. 99% of which are fans of the show that you guys created. Can’t wait to hear more from you guys in the future. Thanks Leo!

  19. hi leo i just listen to you on the web today at you radiostion and i learn so much just today alone. it is good to hear your voice again and to know some one is out there to help us geeks. please keep up the great work that you are doing.don’t feel so bad about going to canada tomorrow cause where i live in cold chicago it’s only 9 degrees. i think your the best. 🙂

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