MacWorld Rap

News imageKevin Rose, Patrick Norton, his wife Mrs. Norton, David Prager, Roger Chang and I repaired to the 21st Ammendment after the MacWorld Expo to reflect on what we had seen.

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  1. Oh, no, Leo you can’t wear a *white* shirt… not with them youngins around. And yikes, what’s in your top pocket? :coolsmile:
    Thank you so much for sharing your night with us. It was wonderful hearing you all talking together. It sounds like you had a really good time, too.
    But since I always want more, more, more, I wish you had videotaped it. I really miss seeing you all on TV. ( I know, I know, never happy. lol)

  2. Oh, my, that was wonderful! You all have such rapport… it shines through! Glad to hear the future plans. I miss the good ole days 🙂
    Geek on!
    (listens to all the podcasts)

  3. Hey Leo!Nice podcast, and yes we do listen to them. It was good to hear familiar voices all talking together again. You guys still have that charisma together. I hope you all go through with your projects as you all discussed. I myself have already been in the works of trying to put together self help computer videos for free at my website. If you do indeed read these comments feel free to check out my site, and let me know what you think. I’m always adding content, and would love your opinion! I’ve been a fan ever since you and Kate were on air. I miss the old Screensavers badly. I have put up a technical help forum at my site since the forums on G4’s network are highly censored and are in ruins in my judgment.
    Later Leo!

  4. Comments from the Great White North
    Wind chill today is below minus 40. At this temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are the same … I have decided to stand on my snow bank in Calgary and give you all some encouragement.
    It is time you geeks (I mean guys) no I mean geeks unite and continue to do what you were meant to do.
    That is … “Help people use technology to improve their lives – and do it in away that is fun, rewarding and makes the world a better place” (forgive my humble articulation)
    Leo … please continue to think big and link up with like minded people around the world. You already have Australia and Canada and it sounds like parts of south east Asia are also on board. I can only imagine the pent up demand for what you do in the UK (besides some English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh humour could only make the whole thing better).
    Patrick, Kevin, Roger … Leo is a master at helping young people have a chance – you all need to be prepared to make hard decisions to reach your potential. Don’t let what happened with Comcast deter you. America is no different than Australia and Canada … it will come back strong for you because people young and old like technology delivered in a way that is not insulting or trivial.
    If Comcast never happened Leo would have had to stay full time in rainy California and his international connections would not be as strong. Who wants a world that is only made in America – the fun really starts when we break down the borders and live in world that is truely global.
    Okay I have to go now because my toes are cold …

  5. I miss the old TechTV. It would be great if the old TechTV people started a collabortaive website.

  6. Did anyone else just stare at the 10×7 postmacworld.jpg while listening to the podcast???Too bad you can barely see Patrick

  7. Hello Leo and Pat and everyone. Everyone posting here is correct. All of you still have that special rapport together. Besides producing the amateur radio news program (that Leos podcasts are a part of and broadcast on ham radio each week), I used to produce television programs. I got to be very good at telling when a group of people working together, have that special “chemistry”, and you guys, have it all. If I owned a cable network, I’d put you guys on in a heartbeat.
    I hope to be able to air this podcast on the ham bands this week. Keep up the great work. All of us old TTV followers are out here.

  8. Just as I finally thought I was over the whole G4 debacle…man, I sure miss the old screen savers! This brings back some good memories. Let’s all pray that some how, some day we’ll have our team back.
    Nice job guys! Nothing but success for all your future endeavors!

  9. That was such a treat to hear all of you guys there having fun talking tech, just like the old screen savers! You guys should really do this more often. Thanks Leo.

  10. What can I say? Awesome! I too miss the old Screen Savers! I’ve recently found Leo’s radio show, Kevin’s web page, Dan’s web page, Patrick’s articles, etc… But, this podcast with many of you together is quite the treat! Pat has got to get a website going!
    After reading what went on with the Comcast thing, I was really depressed (seriously). It felt like a bunch of my coworkers had all lost their jobs.
    I can’t wait to see the Screen Savers team back together again, on TV, or WebCasts, or even just a collaborative web site.
    Leo, you and Patrick are the ones that convinced me to try a Mac, and I’m glad I did!
    Geek On!
    p.s., BTW Leo, Nice site! And if you guys need parts from your old set, I’ll gladly donate the Intel bunny-suit dartboard back to you for a new show. 🙂

  11. Thanks for bringing the good old days back if only briefly. Thanks to all you guys, you made me into a geek.
    I went from just using Macs, to learing about all computers and fun things from cameras to ipods.
    Thanks for the memories and hope you all come back soon.

  12. *sigh* Even though I knew almost everything you guys covered on TechTV and the screen savers, it still was an awesome channel only because you guys were in love with Tech and the geek culture. We need all of you back.

  13. Leo sir, It was good to hear four of the old gang together again. That answers the question of if you still have time in your busy schedule to get together. I watched CFH and SS for about two years before buying my first (I still use it) computer – a Gateway 650. With the knowledge that I gained from all of you I got myself out of most of the problems on the year+ old sony 2.56m with XP, that I got myself into. I should have done so a few months ago but thanks to your new show for a vhs copy of your program. Like so many others I also miss the original TTV. Perhaps we could still meet in person someday. Til then continue to teach us all. Ernie

  14. :down: I wanted to so much meet you Leo in person. But I couldn’t find you on the Macworld floor. It was great to listen to all of you together again. Macworld rules!

  15. Looks like you guys had a good time. I wish that I could have been at MacExpo. I’ll try to see if I can make it to the one in Boston since I’m out east. Take care

  16. Leo, I love getting the podcast on rss. Thanks for incorperating the wimpy player. Please, if I may be so bold, continue to rss the podcasts! Is rss a verb now too?

  17. That was the greatest conversation I have ever heard in my life.I hope we hear more of those in the future.

  18. :cheese:
    I agree with all the comments from other people. I miss TechTV and the ScreenSavers the way it was before. Right now I’m at work and I cant hear the podcast since most ports are blocked in the firewall. Of course I could do a DarkTip and tunnel through 😉 but I’ll wait till I’m home to listen to it.
    I agree with everone else that if you could get back on TV together in some form do it. Otherwise doing a colaborate website with forums would be a good Alternative.
    I’m an Uber Geek when it comes to computers, I got my first Computer a 16 Color C64 back in 1983 and its been a wonderfull tech experience since than. So as someone else mentioned I knew most of the stuff shown on the screensavers but I still continued to watch because I finally saw a group of people explain Technology in a fun way and in laments term so the viewer could understand, and I will admit I did learn a thing or two.
    It was easier to keep updated when the original TechTV was on, since all the best stuff was consoledated in one show. Now I have to go to multiple sources to get my info.
    Thats why I like visiting Leoville’s Blog’s I can get all the updated goodys consolidated in one area.

  19. listening to that, was a gazillion times (ok i won’t exagerate… maybe a million times) more entertaining than all the “new” screen savers shows put togheter..

  20. Leo and Pat had such great chemistry. It would be awesome to see them together again in the future. Kevin Rose has been unimpressive without adult supervision. By the time he gets done telling Alex or Kevin P. how lame they are or that he likes to tie his girlfriend up there is no time left for useful content. He makes no one around him better. The 12 year old boys go wild when he says masturbate or scrotum. Some how I feel the upcoming Macworld segments will be a disappointment

  21. You guys really have that spark. I just wish that you guys could do some sort of live web cast, kinda like a round table discution and talk about new tech and take emails and maybe even calls… I miss the old ZDTV I lost my “inner geek” after it was Techtv a while, the programming just wasn’t the same and I didnt like how everything felt after all the money was poored into it to make new sets and stuff. Then Alex popped out of no where and he and Kevin were fun to watch and got me back into TSS but the content still wasn’t that good ol’ TSS that I remember and after the layoffs I became angry at the network and my inner Geek had retured. I love this kind of stuff now whether it be old tss episodes with kate and leo or the new CFH or even the old zdtv promos bring back happy thoughts.. and now this. I guess I just wanna wish everyone good luck and I hope you’re all happy at what you’re doing now.. I do miss you all and I hope you get together like this more often and just talk it up!

  22. leo! you absolutely MUST do a podcast with “the gang” on a regular basis! once a week would be fun, but even just once a month. that was just too much fun too listen to. I listened in the car and almost drove off the road laughing. please, PLEASE, do more “gang” podcasts!

  23. Listening to this made me so happy and so sad at the same time. I’m haooy to know that my favorite “tv family” is still together in the real world, but so sad because I miss the real TSS so much!

  24. WOW, that podcast really brings home the fact at how much I miss everyone at the old TSS!! Such a great clip hearing everyone back together!!

  25. That rocked! Do it regularly, often, and a lot!!! It really was great to hear you guys back ‘on air’ again, together. More please…

  26. I just moved into a new apartment, and with that came a new cable provider – the fist I’d had in 2 years to carry TechTV. I was so excited.. until I tuned in. It’s a shame how far it has fallen. The show concepts and content are both lacking. TSS was such a great show, as was CFH, but I guess they weren’t trendy/edgy enough for G4. I wish all of those in this podcast the best, and I truly hope that there will be more collaborative work from this crew in the future. Best.

  27. I wish they were sitting around that table planning their new, improved, independent, OPEN SOURCE geeky tech show. :coolhmm: Great audio clip.

  28. I want my Techtv!!! I want to see Unix command prompts on TV. I am Canadian, EH! I am a geek and proud of it. Enjoyed the RAP immensely. Looking forward to MORE down the road. There is a definite chemistry HANDS DOWN!
    Keep it up Leo and the rest of the TSS/CFH gang! Comcast/G4 are missing such an OPPORTUNITY. They just don’t get it, EH.
    Without tech there are NO games…
    Keep up the great work Leo!!!

  29. Hey Leo,
    I can’t tell you how great, albeit too brief, it was to hear you, Roger, Pat et al together just ‘shooting the s**t’. I got more laughs and info from your 10 mins than I’ve gotten from TSS in a year..(I know Kevin & Sarah are trying’!
    I love CFH2 as well…please keep it up!

  30. Comeon guys. All you have to do is pick up shoutcast and Ventrillo and you can do a weekly/monthly internet radio show togethor from the privacy of your own homes. That would generate some serious listenership.
    I know, I know . . dream on.
    Hell . . I’ll set it up.

  31. I’m wondering what would keep you guys from creating a real show or two and then shopping it around to places like the Discovery Channel. Surely you know many people that have been displaced from the industry that could potentially help out. Of course, people like Kevin Rose couldn’t contribute directly until his G4 contract ran out, but I think there is a market for shows like ye ol’ TSS. Maybe you could even get old timers like Megan involved. I see the beginning of a dynasty…
    You guys sounded great together and I didn’t realize how much I missed you on the television together.
    You might think about a regularly scheduled reunion podcast. I think it would be very popular.

  32. Hail to the geeks! Glad to hear that all you guys are coming back together to unite your web content. I’ll be sucking down as much on my T1 line as possible once you get it rolling.

  33. HIP HIP HORRAH FOR LEO & PATRICK, you guys rock bigtime, the world is goin` to change, G4 you guys r on your way out. take wonder woman SARAH with u. we want to learn not play games. the studio needs to pull there u know whats out of the ground, get back into learning. GO TECHTV/ SCREENSAVERS, TAKE A HIKE G4.

  34. Sounds good to me. The current TSS is horrendous (although moving Sarah to cohost does improve it slightly).

  35. My hubby and I listened and laughed and then pouted when that was over. We watched the Screen Savers every night after the news while we were eating supper. Both of us ubergeeks. Please guys…do what you can. The tech heads of the world will pay whatever you charge to see you guys broadcast your own Screen Savers.
    My husband had a great idea. Why not tape your own version of the Screen Savers…put them out on DVD…get hooked up with Netflix, Amazon..the whole nine yards. Can you imagine how many subscribers to Netflix with their weekly dose of TSS. You can do it like Leo does CFH now. Get together. Tape a month worth of shows…burn them to DVD…let us rent, BUY, whatever we have to do to keep you guys in money!!

  36. I don’t mean to sound so “me-too”, but it really was great to hear and see you all together again. Yes more Podcasts please! I’ve been in serious withdrawal since the old TechTV, TSS, and CFH faded away. The new G4 regime is truely sucky and like others here have stated, the gamer centric mentality really bites. I credit the whole old crew with a large portion of my tech-knowledge. Again like others I’m finding myself not as up-to-date with the latest tech news and greatly miss the tips, Unix command line bits, how-to’s, etc… you all fed us daily. The highlight of my evening used to be watching my recorded CFH and the TSS episodes after work. If you all end up following through and reassembling the team for preferably a TV based show, I’m there. Just tell me where and when. However if I have to get my fix via the web, it’ll have to do. By the way I’ve been a PowerBook user for the last 2 years. I’ve never really been a Gates fan and my switch has been the best experience.

  37. Thanks for the update. I missed the Jobs & Sony thing when I watched the Web Cast. Hearing you all today really made me miss the ScreenSavers. I am just becoming out of touch with computers. If you even watched the Screensavers once or twice a week, you learned tons. My current knowledge of technology is dwindling because of the lack of a quality tech channel…. Hopefully you guys can make something that we can watch on the Web.

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