MacWorld Rap

News imageKevin Rose, Patrick Norton, his wife Mrs. Norton, David Prager, Roger Chang and I repaired to the 21st Ammendment after the MacWorld Expo to reflect on what we had seen.

Press play and hear Roger’s shocking revelation. Or point your podcast software to to automatically receive The Laporte Report Audio Edition the minute it’s released.

(If you’re using iPodder be aware that there still seems to be some problem with it and my feeds. Point iPodder to instead.

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  1. Leo, Patrick,
    I take back all of the bad things I have said about The Screen Savers. I miss your show very much and I am disgusted at what transpired at G4.
    I miss how well your whole gang clicked together.
    If you guys start another show or channel. I am there (as long as you don’t bash the Mac.)

  2. Just listened to that podcast–it was GREAT to hear everybody again. You guys need to do that–once a month would be fantastic. TECH LUNCH LIVE!!! That’s what I miss about TSS the most–listening to you all talk about the new stuff & rumors–it was like having lunch with friends in the tech industry. THANKS!

  3. Terrific podcast, I closed my eyes and could actually see the group back together once again, too cool. Great insight bout the Sony speculation, it will be fun to watch and listen to all the talk in the comming months. I think you all should do a twice a week web “broadcast”. I’d be the first to sign up for a subscription. Good Luck to all in whatever the future holds. :exclaim:

  4. It’s nice to hear you all together. You get along so well. You guys should all do little mini-segments with Kevin and post them on the broken. That would be great. Oh, and I would recognize both Leo and Patrick, or any member if TSS, on the MacWorld Show Floor. 🙂

  5. Thanks Leo! That was great! I got so excited to see the picture of you guys but to also have the audio – so cool!
    I really miss the old TechTV and all of you. I’ve been tuning in to your radio show via the internet to get my fix as G4 really stinks. I used to learn so much but now I don’t know where to go. TSS is not the same at all. I miss TSS and CFH so much. Comcast really messed up a good thing.
    Take care and thank you so much!

  6. Leo,
    After watching techtv trought the my last 2 years of college (2002 and 2003), I went into withdrawl after my move. I just caught a glimse of g4 and it really is as bad as everyone says.
    Now I podcast the radio show (ipodders acting up with your feeds as you know) and torrent the canadian show. Better than nothing!
    – what goes around comes around. make it good. –

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