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  1. I was able to price out a macmini for $594 with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. I posted the configuration at ostermayer.blogspot.com.

  2. An Open (Sarcastic) Letter to G4;
    “I like The Screen Savers so much better now than before the merger, when Pat and Leo were on it. When they hosted, I was compelled to watch because I would learn new things, but now it’s even better because I’m not worried that interesting content would taunt my ADD stricken brain to pay attention. Now, TSS suits me much better as perfect background noise. In fact I find it stimulating white noise to play while I beat my wife and kids. Thanks G4!”
    For Real:Listening to the Audio from the bar made me miss the old TSS so much more.

  3. “Stay away from the light, carol-ann.”Yes, get as far away as possible as soon as
    you can, before it implodes completely.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more, Tacitus! I really miss the old TSS. Kevin, Patrick, Leo, and the whole gang really got me into computers. Before watching their show I knew almost nothing. Now I repair and build computers in my spare time and am going to school to get a Com Sci degree. They have changed my life, and I want them back.

  5. Same as Scooter62…the old Screen Savers changed my life too.Funny picture and great blog.
    and who could blame them for wanting out of their contract!!

  6. I am tired of watching game demos on G4.TSS today is as intelligent as a box of rocks.
    Well, atleast the 7-8pm slot has become more productive for me since the crew left.

  7. I have to say, when I found out about the merger I was very pissed. I knew that the G4 people were going to 86 all the shows that mattered to most of us, and replace them with filler that I’d only be able to stomache if I were 12. I miss the old TSS, Tech Live, Call for Help days. I’m kind of glad, in some way, that the cable provider that I have at my apartment doesn’t run G4, without me paying extra, because I couldn’t do it, now. I knew VERY little about the tech around me, and in the 2 short years that I watched Tech TV, I felt I had learned more abut the tech world than I’d have learned in any paying academic enviroment. I REALLY miss the old days.

  8. Michael – ‘Players’, ‘Filter’ and ‘Arena’ are probably the most hard-core challenging of the new shows on G4.
    They have TWO syllables!

  9. I haven’t been able to watch TTV since they fired Pirillo. I dropped my digital cable then for Chris or I would do it now for Leo and the rest. What a bunch of idiots over there. Maybe I’ll move to Canada….

  10. When is G4 gonna realize that you can’t fix TSS? Tss’s heart was in San Francisco where people concentrate. LA is LA!LA’s set must be so loud as each new host has to shout over one another! I’ve seen more professionalism on public access here in NYC!
    Why can’t they find someone who can read a telepromter properly?
    I could go on but won’t as I’m just happy to see all the old boys together at MacWorld! Makes me miss the old days and realize how bad they ‘new’ TSS has become.
    Please use animated characters for new hosts so the rest of the old TSS audience can leave!
    OH! Comcast? You ****! I hope your ratings tanked!

  11. I’ve emailed G4 numerous times letting them know that the majority thinks their lineup is crap….except for the 12-year-olds ragingdwarf mentions above. Maybe if they get enough of them they’ll take notice – if anyone on their staff is intelligent enough.
    The only thing you can learn of any value on the new TSS is how to rev up your electric toothbrush…very useful stuff, that!

  12. Leo, you gents need to start your own Tech show and do it soon before the rest of us geeks lose it. G4 is in my humble opinion “PATHETIC”! No content and the hosts, well my seven year old has more techno know how! They have no class, especially the X-Play show, which is filled with sexual innuendos that make you feel like you are watching soft porn! The screensavers and call for help, yuck! We need a show that can free us from having to get all our techno from the web. G4 has got to go….

  13. You’re a bitter old man, Mr. Laporte
    [funny – this comment comes from a Comcast address –Leo]

  14. Guys, there already is a new TSS. The New Call for Help that we have up here in Canada is fantastic. It’s like a fusion of the old TSS and CFH. I am sure Leo is working very hard to get the show down to you guys in the US. He already hooked up the folks down under, as CFH will be on in Australia beginning in March.
    Call your local TV provider and tell them you want CFH!!

  15. When G4 ruined TSS (don’t fix what isn’t broken, they never heard of) and turned it into a kiddie gamer show, I quit watching. Then…
    I searched and searched the internet and lo and behold, Leo & a new gang were going to be back on TV in Call For Help and when I found out it was Canadian, I jumped for joy because being a canuck has paid off – we have Leo back and I’m still getting used to the co-hosts (never did like that bimbo Kat), but see familiar guests and am back learning again!!
    Thank you Leo and new gang!!

  16. G4 is extremely shallow! Look at the people they have on their shows, can you find one thats an older person, or who is even a little overweight? Nope, they are obviously making sure they have young “beautiful” people on all their shows, even if it sacrifices the quality of the show itself. Not to mention some of these shows are absolutely terrible. The only techtv show that i really hated was robot wars. But g4 has all these awful shows like cheat, filter, arena, players, and sweat. I dont want to watch this garbage!

  17. The best story of G4 is by far Will Wheaton’s I don’t have the link but you should check it out. I found it on digg a couple months ago it was awesome. Dan Huards G4 expose is a good read as well.
    Comcast is evil and they donate to the evil empire, over 1 million in ’04…if comcast were a guy…with glasses I would take his glasses off then spit in his face…

  18. I liked TechTV before the merger with G4
    Then CFH was axed & TSS was gutted to suit the needs of G4.
    We had TechTV only for a few months in Aust & it was @ that time when the merger took place & the chnages started to happen.
    Good news for Aussies, CFH is now back on TV in Aust & next month TSS will also be seen, albeit it is now the shaped in the G4 image.
    Nice to see Leo on TV again….

  19. i don’t have any problem with the new screen savers, it’s entertaining as hell but they for SURE should not have taken leo and pat and all of them off the show. they were great for TV and made the show quality with all the tech help, but the better humor comes from the “younger cast”. none the less, the originals provided a very high quality and helpful show and should be back on TSS.

  20. I’m looking for this mac mini config at the blog-spot and I’m not seeing it. Perhaps I’m going blind. Thanks.

  21. Oh for the old days…I miss Leo SO much! I can’t stomach this new TSS…it’s a bunch of garbage, if you ask me! All of the old lineup is sorely missed. What ever happened to quality?They really messed up – big time. I never missed the show, starting back with Kate and Leo -Now I never watch it. I’m just gutted.

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