13 Replies to “Norton and Louderback skulking”

  1. If it weren’t for Jim’s hands on reviews & constantly breaking the product he was reviewing, we wouldn’t have known which ones to stay away from. :lol:To see both Patrick & Jim just plain warms my heart. 🙂 Miss them both…..

  2. What is Louderback doing at Macworld? He hates Macs! I’m surprised Steve Jobs didn’t black list him from getting in. That’s why Techtv could no longer cover Macworld because of Jim’s negative comments about everything Mac.

  3. Off-topic but i’ll post what I think anyways. G4 sucks. They ruined the channel and The Screen Savers. It rocked back when Leo and Patrick hosted it and was somewhat decent with Patrick and Kevin but it just plain sucks now. They’re bringing in these “young” hosts and the channel is filled with mainstream trash. Especially the new show, Girls Gone Wired and the one they have playing now, Players. Worst channel ever. Only show I watch is Call for Help since it isn’t filled with garbage and it’s canadian, like me 😉 Don’t sell out Leo!

  4. It’s good to see that everyone from screensavers is doing good. I watched techtv everyday before the merger. I stopped watching as much until this month and almost everyone is gone. Where CALL FOR HELP and UNSCREWED canceled? I miss watching LEO,PAT,YOSHI,DAN,JESSICA,MARTIN,LAURA, CAT,and SUMI DAS even though she left before the merger. Most of the people that are left don’t have enough personality to make the shows watchable(everyday) Take care.

  5. Now you all see how Pat got the nickname P-rex
    Look at the little nubby arms and the vicious growl. AHHHEEERRR!

  6. One web site where you can read some of Patrick Norton’s articles is–http://www.extremetech.com/search_results/0%2C2426%2C%2C00.asp?qry=patrick+norton&filterapp=&site=4

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