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Think Secret got it mostly right. The new headless Mac – Jobs called it BYODKM, Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, and Mouse – is 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 2″ inches tall. The $499 model comes with a 1.25 Ghz G4 processor, 256MB RAM, a 60 GB HD, and a Combo drive. On the back there are USB 2.0, Firewire 400, modem and Ethernet ports. There’s a DVI display connector with a VGA adapter. For $599 you get a faster processor and more hard drive.

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  1. I will get one, but it will get passed down to my Mom once I get a G5. Need a new Mac soon – I’m currently using my brother’s PowerMac G4.

  2. Am I the only one that’s just a little bit dissapointed that it comes with Panther and not Tiger?
    New switchers might be (like I was when I got my 1GHz 12″ Powerbook in late September 2003) a little surprised that months after paying for a new computer, they need to pay another $130 just to have the latest OS.
    … off to go decide if I’m going to buy it now or later. 🙂

  3. Cool.
    Anyone know of a good switch that will let me use my usb mouse and keyboard along with my monitor from my PC?
    You will hardly be able to see it sitting on top of my monster PC.

  4. AppleStore lists the Belkin KVM for PC/MAC Mini sharing of USB/VGA devices
    I tried to buy one right away, but the online AppleStore is a bit overloaded.
    With 1 Gb RAM, Superdrive and Airport Extreme/Bluetooth combined it comes to $1100.
    Great deal and great size. Forget about that iBook I was thinking of buying.

  5. Another lame attempt to break into the computer market. Yes, I did mean “break into the computer market.” Apple computer isn’t a computer manufacturer. Look at their top sellers. A computer is listed 11th among their top sellers. Not to mention that you to buy a LCD monitor with DVI that will run you minimum $300 plus a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that runs around another $100. When will Apple learn pretty doesn’t sell computers.

  6. Uh, dude. The Mac mini has a VGA adapter included, and it has USB 2 ports for keyboards. If you’re gonna troll at least spread some useful FUD. 🙂
    BTW, if you need a USB KVM, I highly recommend the IOGEAR GCS102U. It also has USB peripheral sharing as so you can have the same printer, scanner, etc. hooked to both computers at the same time. It also is a great powered USB hub. The only drawback, no shared audio support, however, IOGEAR sells the GCS712U that does support audio, and allows you to hook up a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to two USB computers.

  7. After 21 years of being a loyal M$oft customer, lousy service [offshored or not] and even worse security prompted me to join family members in Linux experiments. After all, when I 1st started online, everything was running inside Unix, anyway.
    KDE seems to have it right; but, having to wander through [mostly] friendly geek forums to try to find answers to what I hoped would be menu-choice questions ain’t cutting it. I ordered a Mini with the slightly faster processor, 80gb HD, 512mb RAM, 4-port USB hub — last night.
    I have to maintain service and solutions to my own clients in the home construction trades whilst experimenting with changing platforms. I’ve already switched to Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice — the latter’s website assures me they’ll have a polished Mac-friendly version “real soon, now”. Remember that, Leo?
    Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to tyro experiments with Mac software on my mixed home network.

  8. never buy ram from apple, and applecare is an utter waste of money. as far as airport unless you plan on pretending its a laptop why bother.

  9. Anyone heard of someone successfully opening the case on this thing yet? Supposedly there’s no screws.

  10. Ive never owned a Mac, but I got fed up with windows years ago. I tried to go with linux, but I prefer something that works right out of the box. I was always scared off by Mac’s price tag. I don’t believe in paying more than $1k for a computer. The $500 price tag (+$30 for the usb keyboard) made the decision much easier.

  11. I ordered a Mac mini from Apple’s web store on Jan 23rd. The estimated ship date was Feb 22.I received an email from Apple that they shipped it on Feb 7th via FedEx (from Shenzhen, China). Looking at the FedEx tracking site, it hasn’t left China yet but the estimated delivery date is Feb 11.
    So I guess that means they’re not shipping via a slow boat from China.

  12. The Mac Mini arrived today – a day early.I set it up with a PS/2 keyboard and mouse using the PS/2 to USB adapter and one of my VGA LCD monitors.
    It works!
    It came with OSX 10.3.7 and first thing it wanted to download the 10.3.8 update.
    First thing I did was download Firefox and copy my bookmark.html file from Windows. That too works fine.
    Now to learn to use OSX.

  13. With a product like the I-pod being so successful, is there any doubt that a $500 G-4 (more powerful than any inexpensive PC) and with all the style of Mac (and one that even requires you to steal the VGA from your old PC) , is going after the core PC market. If you love your I-pod and need a new computer, wouldn’t you get the Mini?

  14. Thanks Jon.
    I thought that they might have something on the Apple site. But I have not been able to get into the store either.

  15. sells several gizmos that convert a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to USB. Prices rangle from $10 to $19.

  16. Is it just me or is the mini still exspensive? I mean if you get the $599 model, by the time you upgrade the RAM, Airport+BT, AppleCare and a KVM you’re still around $1,000…

  17. Has anyone got any nfo on the ‘power adapter’??
    is that the thing just off to the left in the photo?? look slightly “brick” like!

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