IPod Shuffle

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The newest iPod is about the size of a pack of gum, weighs less than an ounce, is solid state and can double as a USB 2.0 drive. It’s $99 for the 512mb version, $149 for 1 gig. It’s called the Shuffle because there’s no screen – the theory is that everyone listens to their music in shuffle mode anyway, so who needs a screen.

The Apple Store three blocks from the Expo started the day with 2,000. They were sold out by noon.

8 Replies to “IPod Shuffle”

  1. I was all ready to order, then I see the battery isn’t removable. WHY OH WHY? I like my little Creative MuVo since I can carry 4 AAA’s, so when one runs out, I have another. I don’t have to keep returning it to a dock to charge. What a fatal mistake. : (

  2. Re battery
    There is a accessory from apple that allows you to run off AAA batteries.
    I would have prefered removable batteries too.

  3. Don’t you know plastic and silicon are nessesary nutrients? Builds strong bones.

  4. But you *can* slide the control to play the songs in order, but I see what you mean. That’s fine fir a few songs .. but a gig?

  5. “Do not eat the iPod Shuffle”
    This is a prime example of how rabid the Apple legal deptartment is. Be glad they’re wasting time on that rather than attacking rumors sites…lol.

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