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News imageI’m very pleased to announce that Call for Help is returning to Australian television. We were only on there for a short while last year, but the response from down under was phenomenal. They really took to the show.
Watch Andy, Amber, and me on The HOW TO Channel, channel 118 on FOXTEL Digital and Austar Digital starting March 7. And please start sending us your questions. We want to get as many Australian calls on as we can. Fill out the question form today and get ready to Call for Help, Australia!

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  1. Congratulations to all who were involved in creating this opportunity and to all of those who will benefit from being viewers of the show.

  2. Please bring back Call for Help to the US. Also, the new Screen Savers is awful, bring back Leo and Patrick to TSS.

  3. Leo , thats great about Call for Help returning to Canada and now Australia , but what we all want to know is when oh when is our beloved Call for Help going to return to the good ole USA where it all started .Please keep us informed .

  4. I’m very glad to hear it. I hope it will keep the show going strong. i have yet to see it though. I can’t afford to watch digital cable here in canada anymore. i’m sitting in tonight watching old TSS shows i taped 2 years ago on VHS while a snowstorm blows outside in the darkness in southern ontario.
    just watched the show with Woz on when he had his scooter things. right around the time Macworld happened and they introduced the new 17″ powerbook. i bought my first mac then. a 15″ powerbook in feb 2003. but i have a 12″ G4 ibook now. the powerbook was too big for me and i just like the ibook more because of it’s battery life and wireless range.
    i’m still enjoying your radios shows in my car thanks to podcasting. thank you for making these available. they add much to my life here.

  5. I am so pleased to see Call For Help returning to Australian TV. TechTV is now gone here in Oz and I was wondering how we would see you again.
    You mentioned on KFI last weekend that a deal was immenant and I am so happy to see the posting today. I have just got home from work and it certainly has bought a smile to my face. Im looking forward to seeing the new Canadian show in March.
    Glad to have you back.
    Garth @

  6. Hi Leo–
    Just a note and a quick question. We have had a great response from the ham radio community to our carriage of your news/commentary podcasts on our amateur news bulletin service heard around the country. Will you be doing in the future, at least one audio news podcast each week?
    Our staff at This Week in Amateur Radio ( wish you all the best in 2005, and perhaps this will be the year that you get your amateur license!
    Best 73 Leo
    George –
    This Week in Amateur Radio

  7. WooHoo what a great way to end the workweek with the news that Leo is back on Aussie TV. Thanks to all who worked so hard to bring it back to us 🙂 Now we have to help our American friends to get it back on air…how can we help???

  8. I know its been already said in these posts, but any comment on this matter will help. Please bring CFH back to the US. TSS is failing miserably. (No offense to Kev and Sarah!) We need some sanity and tech knowledge brought back! Please post any info on how we in American can help!!

  9. Its time Call for Help II made a Skype-out call from the great white north to down-under. What a great way to celebrate the expansion of Call for Help II to a new continent.
    Welcome aboard Australia – The commonwealth rules

  10. Australia is awesome!To who do we have to direct the emails so we can get call for help in the states.

    I’m so glad to see you everyday on Call For Help Canada. This is the beat show right now on G4TechTV .. and as far as I am concerned, THE BEST SHOW ON TV !!!!
    Many many congratulations Leo !!!!!
    You are so professionnal at what you do.
    I have a quick suggestion for you! :
    From time to time, I would be great if you could have “Special Guests” on your show!
    .. Like Patrick Norton, Megan Morrone, Cat, etc.
    WOW! Think about it !
    Keep it up buddy !
    You’re the VERY best !!!

  12. Good. Now, about the US? Just kidding, I know everyone at Call For Help is working hard on broadcasting it to the States. 🙂

  13. This is great news – I watched Call for help almost every day while we had TechTV, and I enjoyed every episode of it, I learned a lot from it.
    I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

  14. This is terrific news. It is true that Call for Help developed a large following in Australia and I hope the How to Channel broadcasts up to date episodes. Leo’s radio spots are great to listen too but it will be nice having Call for Help back.

  15. I am so happy to hear you are going to be back on in the land in which I was born, but come on, no US takers yet?? Also, in the meantime, why are there no webcams on when Leo is doing his radio show on Sunday, I used to love to stop by as it was going on to see it all happen. Congrats Oz, hopefully we’ll start getting the satalite beam closer to home soon too.

  16. This is great news!! :cheese:
    I was an avid watcher of TechTV before comcast ceased its terrestrial transmissions.
    It’s going to be great to see you again Leo and great to get to know your new sidekicks LOL
    Way to go Leo, Andy, & Amber
    Look forward to seeing you on Aussie Tele

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