2005 Calendar

Leo's 2005 Calendar Que’s not printing a Leoville calendar this year as they did for 2003, but they have put together a calendar poster which I gave out at my signing in Toronto.
If the thumbnail intrigues you, you can download the PDF version, scalable to any size. It’s very handy for scaring small children, and may also be useful in keeping crows out of your cornfield.

Happy new year, and thanks to all of you who have made this site an incredible success this year. I truly appreciate your support through a very tough time.

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  1. Leo,You and your family have a happy, healthy and successful New Year!
    Thanks for everything you do for the techies in all of us.
    All the best,

  2. Leo,
    The poster is great…. but the pirate is a little too much for me…… That’s scary…….
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    P.S. My cat enjoyed all the pictures except for the convict and the motorcyclist…….

  3. Thanks Leo! This beats the Sports Illustrated calendar I got for – uh – well, hold on – no, it doesn’t. But yours works much better for the office. Oh, my yes.
    I hope you and your family have a much better ‘05. Maybe we’ll get you on a cable channel for modern technology again one day – something more along the lines of the old ZDTV (even TechTV was watered down for my needs). Thanks for everything, Leo. Happy New Year!

  4. The calendar’s great, but I have a question.
    What happened to September 4th and 30th?

  5. I can imagine it now:
    “Mommy, whos that scary man with the the football costume?”

  6. Man I loved that 2003 calendar, still have it as a matter of fact. Just printed off two copies of this one, one for home, one for work.
    Thank you Leo for providing and maintaining this site. It’s truly an all in one original; informative, educational, and a fun place to visit that keeps getting better all the time.

  7. Happy New Year, Leo. The coming year would be a lot better if you and Patrick could somehow get back together and produce/syndicate a computer show…one that would be similar in content/style to “Screensavers” as it used to be.

  8. Leo,
    I still have my 2003 calendar up. I have a new computer room that was finished for Christmas. Guess what the first wall decoration that is going to be put up? Your calendar.
    Thanks for making this such a great place to be.

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