The Leo and John Show

My segment with John Donabie on CFRB, Toronto just aired. If you missed it live you can listen to the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast to have it, and all the TLR audio, delivered automatically to your MP3 player. I often don’t announce new additions to TLR here, so subscribing is the only way to guarantee delivery of new TLR content.
Incidentally, thanks to a suggestion from a listener, I’m going to make the Genre tag read “podcast” in all new podcasts to aid in sorting, smart playlists, etc. This seems to be the emerging standard. I apologize for the inconsistency in the tagging and filenames – I’m still trying to work out the best way to do it. Feedback is very welcome.

Currently the filename begins with TLR for the TLR feed and KFI for the radio feed followed by the feed date in YYYYMMDD format. In some cases in the TLR feeds I am putting other information in the title, e.g. TLRWoz1.mp3. Is this confusing? Helpful? Should it always just be TLR and date and let the MP3 tags do the rest? I am thinking of making it consistently just the date unless there are multiple feeds for that day, then it will be YYYYMMDD-#.

The tag format is roughly:

Artist: always Leo Laporte

Album: the feed name (TLR or KFI) plus the month and year, e.g. TLR December 2004. Organizing by month seems the best way to do this.

Year: actually the full date in YYYY-MM-DD format. Is this confusing? Does it break your software?

Genre: was various, but will always be Podcast from now on

Track: In the KFI aircheck feeds this will reflect the hour number, 1, 2, or 3. In the TLR feed it will be left blank from now on unless there’s a multipart feed as in the Woz interview.

Title: This is the most variable, and is usually just whatever I think of on that day. On the KFI airchecks it’s pretty consistent: KFI Tech Guy, Date – Hour #. But if there’s something special on that day I may add that to the title. On the TLR feed it’s less consistent. The title will usually reflect whether it’s an interview I did – Radio call letters, Host, Interview and date – or a news feed or whatever. I haven’t come up with a consistent scheme for this. Does it matter to you?

I apologize if the inconsistency is making it difficult for you to organize the podcasts. Ideally you shouldn’t have to mess with tags and you should be able to set up a smart playlist to automatically organize these. Let me know what I can do to facilitate that. Thanks!


4 Replies to “The Leo and John Show”

  1. can you update all of the previous segments for both TLR and KFI Leo? I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. leo, mucho thanks for all your efforts. I have noticed that the KFI segments for a given date will play Hour 3 first, Hour 2 second, Hour 1 third, on my iPod….
    I assume its something in the your file name conventions. I don’t profess to have a solution just something I noticed….
    Hoping you keep up the great work….

  3. The genre’s were quite variying from Christian to Rap! Anyway that format looks good for me, I think the title should be TLR or KFI, then date then track number (if necesary) then (also if necesary) any comment or remark on the segment. It was getting quite hard to organize all my Leo audio, even using iTunes!

  4. Leo, the things you do for your guys anddolls-meaning us-is pretty freaking neat.
    And now for something completely different:
    Leo, no word of a lie, you have about the most kind looking face I have ever seen…its screams warmth and kindness. With a face like that you should become Canadian

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