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  1. OK never mind,Success. I got it play fine in media Player 10.Thanks for listening to me. Feel like an idiot with computer sometimes. 🙁

  2. Amber looks so blank there. Either Leo just said something really off the wall, or she wasn’t paying attention.
    Andy, meanwhile, looks like he just ate all the cheese. :p

  3. It didn’t work for me either. Here is how to get it:
    -Right click in the little pop-up’s lower right hand corner so you get a menu that has ‘view source’ on it and click ‘view source’
    -Find the URL with the ‘mp4’ file in it
    -copy that URL and paste it in your browser and press enter
    -download it to where ever you would like for your viewing pleasure
    copy it from here:

  4. Thanks FA! :-S Couldn’t get it to work for me either without your very helpful info.

  5. uh oh! Help! I thought it downloaded to be able to play. Only puts a program that windows doesn’t know how to open. I’m definately doing something wrong or don’t a codec for it? Can someone enlighten me a bit on this please?
    I used both Firefox & IE. Win XP. Media Player 10, Quicktime etc etc

  6. Thanks to FriedApple I was able to see the clip.
    Canada is cool is more ways than one this time of year! Perhaps Amber has frost bit. Think “Chinook” and everyone will be abit warmer. :coolsmile:

  7. I get no video. I get audio, though. And WinAmp says it can handle the file type. Even have the video window open.

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