6 Replies to “Snow Bird”

  1. It was 27 degrees here this morning at 4:30 when I had to get up. Brrrrr. Enjoy the balmy weather 🙂

  2. Hrm…the forecast is 4°C with a 90% chance of light rain on Sunday. It sounds like you’ll need an umbrella instead of that overcoat Leo! 🙂

  3. News Flash: Apple just opened it’s doors to iTunes in Canada at about 11:45PM, EST, Dec1/04. Now we have some options that didn’t exist before, which is great news.

  4. Leo, I really miss your two shows. TechTv is dead, the network is total crap now. I have missed every other appearance who have made on Live. This time it will be waiting for me on my Replay. I hope to see CFH in the US soon! I catch your KFI show every week, thanks for the pod casts! Keep the tech content coming, it’s great.

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