Now Ecto Powered for My Enjoyment

If you can read this it means that Expression Engine now works with Ecto! Woo hoo! That removes the last obstacle to a five star rating for EE, the software that runs this blog.
I first found out about Expression Engine from Kevin Rose. I’d been looking for a new content management system for Leoville. Powered by Ecto I looked at Mambo (too elaborate), Plone (overkill), WordPress (too simple), and Postnuke (too fanboy) among others. EE was just right, and after a six months of use I’m even more impressed with the software. It’s robust, powerful, and easy to use. And with version 1.2 it supports the Blogger API (and a new gallery feature which I’ll try when I can come up for air in a few weeks). Thanks, Rick!

I’ll get a newscast up for you and a post about the cruise with pix ASAP.

5 Replies to “Now Ecto Powered for My Enjoyment”

  1. Leo, you are the greatest! I’m going to try out Plone, looks very simple, too bad you have to pay for EE, but I would definately.

  2. MechMan, the November 20th entry is still sitting on top of the page b/c Leo is using a neat little ExpressionEngine feature called “Make Entry Sticky”. Comes in handy for announcements and anything you want to keep visible. You see that feature in a lot of “Forum” software too.

  3. Just curious, did you consider Movable Type/why didn’t you choose it? I think that’s what you used to use (it’s also what I use for my blog).

  4. Only one problem I can see. It put it after the Nov 20 entry (i.e. the Nove 20 entry is still on top.)

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