10 Replies to “Tickle Me Robo”

  1. Leo, it was great to finally talk to you today. I was a bit surprised that being the mac user you are you had never heard of apple’s “cram & jam” offer. It would have been nice to have been on the show via webcam, but of course the windows pc I was using crashed. Enjoy the snow when it comes.

  2. Forget the plastic thing..I would rather be tickled by the young lady……
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  3. This was a great show (watched it on my Avermedia TV card today). Leo is definitely feeling more at home in Hog Town and dealing with Canadians.
    Most definitely this show deserves to be shown south of the border. Its about time we expanded our exports to America beyond lumber, oil & gas and boxed beef.
    Here is a good Christmas wish: “Call for Help for North America”

  4. Those are so cool, they even burp and fart, I was playing with one in Best Buy, and for around 100 bucks, its a great deal.

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