13 Replies to “And Then There Were Four”

  1. I’m here in Halifax. Instead of us shipping our snow to Leo, how about you guys ship Leo down to us!

  2. The Dude in the upper Right hand corner has the laid back approach man! Dig it!! :coolsmile:

  3. Hey the more the merrier! Whats with the multiple posting the same pictures weird!? Is that mac really dirty or is it just me?

  4. Who are these people anyway? I know that thats Henry and Abby in centre but who are the other two people? (three if you include the guy relaxing on the right edge that I dont think was supposed to be in the shot!) I hope you had a blast on Mac Mania Leo i wish I could have gone.

  5. Lets see, we have two surfing Disney Online.comOne surfing HGTV.com
    One Surfing Big Booty .com
    and one counting sheep.

  6. Hope you Had a great time Leo. By the way, we’ve put in a “Call for Help” to Halifax and asked them to ship some of there recent snow fall to us in Toronto for your next visit.
    Take Care

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