9 Replies to “Traffic Jam”

  1. good i hope you didn’t lose the other pix leo…lol
    hope all is going well

  2. Don’t you hate it when inconsiderate captains decide to doublepark their cruise ship while they run into the convenience store?

  3. :bug: Sheesh, I hope somebody gives you a map when you board . . . :long: :cheese:

  4. Wow! Recognize any of those little “ants” down there? What a view that is. :bug:

  5. ***In my best Scotty***”Aye…. I dunna think she could push warp 5, but she seems like a fine vessel anyhow laddie.”

  6. proof again that Scotty was right”cap’n, ya can mix mahter with anti-mahter”. Look at the ship on the left fading into a blur.
    Have fun Leo, it was fun meeting you on the old screensaver set.

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