8 Replies to “Library Time”

  1. a book on bash scripting for your presentation and your powerbook… see that stuff out there Leo? that’s outside… I forget what outside is, too. 🙂

  2. Ooooo…an ocean view from your cabin? Hope you get some time to enjoy your trip with the family.
    Really looking forward to seeing more Pics & hearing all about your trip. :coolsmile:

  3. Great to see that the powerbook is back up and running. The delete key on my ibook broke, so I know the pain. Enjoy the rest of the cruise. Any chance of you coming to Halifax anytime soon?

  4. Hope your trip goes well. I miss the days when you were still contributing to Techtv. What happened to Patrick Norton? Planning on making any appearances in the states?

  5. Nice, wish my area of our library had a view of something nice. Heck, I wish my area of our library had a window! 😆
    Been hoping you were going to post more cruise pics. Hope you and the family are having a fun and relaxing time Leo!

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