23 Replies to “Anchors Aweigh”

  1. Lucky for you. If Gilligan had one of those, he would have made it off the Island.. :coolgrin:

  2. 😆 They had to put “Front” on it! For some reason that made me laugh. Have fun!

  3. Bon voyage Leo, have a great cruise.
    I came close to talking myself into going on that cruise but being a PC user I kept envisioning myself having to walk the plank in my head. 😆 Maybe next time.

  4. Good Morning Mr. Laporte,
    The MS network has learned of a group of geeks on a ship somewhere in the atlantic. It is believed that they are accessing the web without our software. We want you to hack the navigation software of the ship. This will be hard because it’s not ours. Then redirect the ship to Russia because we can’t seem to control Russia and they are copying our software. As usual we will disavow any knowledge because that’s what we always do.

  5. It’s going to be tough to take a shower with that thing on, isn’t it? :coolgrin:
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful, fun and relaxing cruise.

  6. “A three hour cruise……..”
    Leo is on the U.S.S. Macintosh…….
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  7. I am wearing my Life Jacket, and the ship has not even left port! Thats Leo-La-Port.
    Now where do I put my laptop in this Life Jacket.
    sea sick?!? 😛

  8. For all you sea-farers, we have heard your Call For Help. We present to you: Leo, the human bouy. (throw him overboard, now)

  9. Leo……have a great trip…..and find a location where you can be back on tv in the u.s.
    i still miss cfh and the old ss……
    odd…..the ss show has tanked……hehe
    have a great time

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