12 Replies to “Another Tackie Production”

  1. The art is one thing… But what about using an actual Simpson’s character?!? (the cat)

  2. It looks like you resurrected the Simpson’s cat, Snowball II from the dead.
    “Next on Call for Help, we will show you how to reanimate your deceased pet!”

  3. Nice art, but aren’t you worried about copyright infringement? It appears you’re using a style of art that could be owned and controlled.

  4. I tuned in to TechTv now G4TechTv after about a year hiatus and didn’t like what I saw the other night… what happened to the semi intelligent hosts and shows? I thought to myself: self, what happened to Leo and his eye strain inducing shirts, wheres Martin, wheres that freak Patrick…. Things change a lot I guess. What the hell happened to the channel I will always call ZDtv? I’d really like to know, where the old school hosts are and what they’re doing

  5. Great drawing!
    Regarding Max’s entry…I watched G4TechTV “the screen savers” for the last couple of months. I must be one of those statistics left out in the democraphics. I guess what fustrates me the most is knowing Sarah, Kevin, Dan and Yoshi have more to offer than just ‘rambling’ conversation. And, Alex has more to offer than his present role. Perhaps I look at the cup half empty. I have sent segment suggestions hoping for some kind of change. At last nothing. So today I annouce, “enough” and will watch PBS or take a walk before viewing screen savers. My opinion based on the facts.

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