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Interesting results from last month regarding browser usage. Internet Explorer is down to 55%. Mozilla/Firefox and Safari users are nearing 40% of the total. Hmmmm. This is for the leoville.com sites (including this blog) only.
Browser use on Leoville

The good news is that bandwidth usage calmed down a bit. Leoville.tv had 50,000 unique visitors in October; they downloaded 727GB. Podcasters did 93GB. On Leoville.com it was much calmer. 85,000 uniques consumed 45GB of bandwidth (that’s because I put most of the big files like MP3s on leoville.tv). The message boards had 62,000 uniques who consumed 73GB. So we didn’t quite hit the terabyte I was expecting. Just 950GB on all the leoville sites combined. Thanks for your support. It’s really nice to know there’s a demand for the stuff I stick here!

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  1. Leo or other smart people here…HELP!
    I use Safari most of the time on my G4 Mac and Firefox on the PC. A strange thing has been happening lately, I have problems using IE on either computer. It stalls and takes forever for some pages to load. I don’t think it’s my isp’s fault because if I refreash or go back the pages sometimes pop right up. I have also received a message, even in Safari that a page or website can’t be found. Then I try again and it pops right up. I even have trouble connecting to ITunes but if I keep trying I can get in. Is anyone else having this problem? I have checked for spyware on the PC but there isn’t any. The PC is blocking pop ups with the Google Toolbar and I am using Norton AntiVirus on the PC. What is causing this “Browser Stalling”

  2. Do you know how the browsers are being identified in your ‘poll’? I ask because I am an avid user of Maxthon (formerly MyIE2, available at http://www.maxthon.com) and, it interfaces with IE, but, is not at all IE, and does not have the same problems that IE does. That said, it does not have the compatability issues of Firefox.
    I am just wondering if my (and others’) broswers are incorrectly being identified as IE

  3. Im in the mozilla section and soon to be in the Safari section (cant wait for my brand new iBook, my first mac is on its way!!!) And congrats to leo for 950 gig, at least 712mb of that is mine 1.4 days of Leo goodness, the radio archives and the almost daily Laporte Reports I dont know what I would do without them.

  4. Hopefully soon the macs will outweigh the pcs! Just wishful thinking I guess. I’ll take Safari over IE any day of the week. Loving my new iBook and Leo’s 05′ almanac and gadget guide can’t wait for the mac edition.

  5. Thanks for your support. It’s really nice to know there’s a demand for the stuff I stick here!
    Leo your like crack after one dose we keep coming back for more. Thank you for doing all that you do.

  6. Glad to see thoughs numbers. To bad everyone that comes here is a techy so they pretty much all know about firfox. Now just to let the non techies in on the secrect.
    He will one day return to our satilites. When this happens G4 will be on their hands and knees.

  7. Don’t see it in the list, but I just discovered a browser I’d never heard of and am now hooked. It’s Slimbrowser from FlashPeak. I’m working in a call center doing tech support for highspeed internet customers and this is a wonderful tool for anyone who needs to have multiple sites open at once. In our case all of our software is web based and requires anywhere from 6 to 10 sites open at a time. The tabbed feature of this browser works beautifully. It is created to look and feel very much like IE but has much better controls under options. Of 50 people in this center, 35 to 40 use it soley, at least at work. Many do use mozilla or firefox at home when they don’t need so many sites open at once.

  8. Happy to see that CALL FOR HELP could very well end up on television in the states again! What can I do to make this a reality?

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