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  1. My prediction:
    Bush will eventually defeat Kerry and win this election. Next, Hilary Clinton will run next in ’08 and win both terms. Then afterwhich, in 2016 Sen. Barack Obama will run and win for the Dems for atleast one term. 🙂
    — Canadian objective

  2. voted for Kerry this morning,
    no matter who you vote for, JUST VOTE. This is going to be a record turn out and I can’t wait to watch the results tonight. I hope Kerry wins but if not I hope it’s a landslide we don’t need the supreme court decideing this election!

  3. Have to put my two cents in, I voted early ballot for Kerry …
    bush is great, but not for a President , if you get my drift 😉

  4. The man is joking weave, at least I think! If youre not Leo you dont just have the Canada option, summers just starting down here in Australia!!!

  5. As the former mayor Chicago (Richard J. Daley) stated when asked about the privilege of voting, he said:
    “Vote early —- and often.”
    What can I say, he was the mayor of Chicago.
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  6. I’m not an American. I’m a Canadian, hoping Kerry will whoop Bush’s greedy a$$ tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If Bush wins, well … so much for the meritocracy. Please come up to Canada, Leo! We want you here!

  8. How is Kerry a TRAITOR???? Uh, for those who weren’t around back then the Vietnam War was a terrible, huge mistake that needlessly cost 50,000+ amer lives because the Pentagon didn’t want to hear the truth about how the war was going. We were getting slammed and the gov’t was lieing about it to the American people. Those who came back and spoke out about how terrible it was were TRUE heros. I guess some of the vets have forgotten how bad it was, and now that 30+ years have passed they have changed to “my country right or wrong”. But the truth is, back then when Kerry bravely spoke out, most vets felt the same way. For you kiddies today who weren’t there back in the day, let me tell you that this country has changed under the weight of all this phoney patriotism recently. It used to be smart to distrust the gov’t and speak out. Kerry was NO traitor.

  9. Joey Donuts-the vet POWs who were tortured because of what JK said were not very happy, nor the vast majority who served honorably and knew nothing of the crap Kerry was talking about, yet were branded with the same guilt. Who knows how many POWs were tortured to death because of his testimony.
    If only 25% of what the more than 200 Swift Boat vets say is true, Kerry’s not presidential material.
    From the Swift Boat site (take it or leave it, but it’s compelling):
    “Overall, more than 250 Swift boat veterans are on the record questioning Kerry’s fitness to serve as Commander-in-Chief. That list includes his entire chain of command — every single officer Kerry served under in Vietnam. The Kerry game plan is to ignore all this and pretend that the 13 veterans his campaign jets around the country and puts up in 5-star hotels really represent the truth about his short, controversial combat tour.”
    Anybody but Kerry… T

  10. If I were American I would vote for Kerry but if not, Bill will become the first gentlemen in ’08.
    Wish I could run though, too bad I have to be American born. 🙂

  11. Swerve, its your patriotic duty to support who ever is President, and to question that is to show your lack of loyalty and Americanism
    lol 😛

  12. Chances are Canada doesn’t want most of you; unless you’re bringing a lot of money in for commerce or are filling an essential job that will not prevent a native from employment. Be ready to pass the French exam also. 😉

  13. If Bush wins the election, and I lived in the states, I’d come to Canada too! God help America!

  14. i wonder why mid america is ok with bush…possibly cause they dont live in port cities and dont have to worry about bomb in their shacks… im in nyc and travel by train everyday to work, over bridges, into one of the richest cities in the world….. you think bush will get support from other countries NOW??? if 50% + of the world hate america “now more then ever” because of bush….4 more years will send us into a hole and a half…bush already killed social security and made the lower class even lower… you people really think that a LAGER gap between rich and poor is what we need? the trickle down effect (as bill maRh would say) means republicans are pissing on us and whatever they drop, we get to fight for…. what kinda sense does this make? none. dont think i like kerry either… hes a corporate ho just like everyone else in this wheel…. hope you enjoy the next 4 years of slavery….oh and when patriot act 2 goes through, all you computer freaks will be limited beyond belief. prepare to be spied on! remember the red scare? remmeber war on terror is as useless as war on drugs, rememeber arabs are people as well… they were content with killing themselves off till we stuck our noses in theor asses for oil. OIL ISNT BLOOD…i want the blood of politicians. and hicks

  15. Gees I haven’t seen so many whiners in my life all I keep hearing from liberals is I’m moving to cananda. Well I’m here to tell you pack your stuff and get to going nobody cares if you move. No wonder this country voted for Bush they didn’t want to hear the incessant whining and childish behavior.

  16. If you can survive the harsh winters, Toronto is a nice place to be year round Leo. But Im sure you already know that.
    Anyways, Im not going to worry myself about Bush being in office for the next 4 years. I just need to concentrate on paying my bills. If nuclear war breaks out, guess what? My bills will still need to be paid LOL
    Politics Shmolitics.

  17. I’ll be right there to help you pack your bags. We don’t want you in America if you have that kind of attitude! Good riddance!
    I’m so glad you left TSS.

  18. your right…i look to comedians for my truths, the government lies to much…. atleast we now have 4 more years of pure comedy. a preesident who has no control over the english language, a guy who says the middle finger is the one finger salute, a guy who couldnt find oil in texas, a guy who lies, a guy who pushed us into a war over nothing, a guy who avoided going after osama and went for saddam, a guy who put more people into the death pentalty when governer of texas more then anyone else, a guy who was an alcholic till he was 40, a guy who is only over there for oil and not justice, a guy who is buddy buddy with iran, a guy to scared to talk to the koreans and the chinese, a guy who jokes about not finding weapons of mass destruction, a guy who……i could go on for 4 years….but you are right…these arent truths, just some crap a comedian told me…. leo, take me with you to canada, i want to be your apprentice.

  19. Re: Mike
    You know, you should really learn how to take a joke. I’m an American. I didn’t vote for Bush because I don’t think hes doing a very good job. I’ve been vocal about that. That doesn’t make me any less of an American. In fact, it makes me more of one. Everyones entitled to their opinion, and their vote. So do us all a favor and lighten the hell up. Leo, me, and everyone else who voted for Kerry has as much right to be here as you do.
    And by the way, Leo was what held TSS together. Its become an absolute joke now, and I have already cancelled my subscription to the channel with my cable company.

  20. Ed-is it conceivable to you that partisans on your side do fooling, too? Make up stories and exaggerate others? Is that possible?

  21. Hey Ed I don’t remember you ever being President. So if Bush has a small brain and became President what does that say about your own brain.
    Get Retarded get stupid.

  22. The remarkable ‘humanity’ expressed by some of the Bushies here is amazing. It’s sad, really. Fact is, many of us will accept this and move on. Politics is cyclical, Americans will come to their senses. Unfortunatly, it may come only after considerably more damage is done to the great country I love.

  23. My flag will be flying at half staff for the next 4 years… I love this country and am totally dismayed at what’s happening to it. How can so many people be fooled like that???

  24. America did come to their senses Dr. Pixel!
    Thats why America voted Bush for another term.

  25. how can anyone that is concerned with Tech enough to read Leo Laporte’s blog actually think we’re better with Bush? Can you honestly tell me that you think he’s not as stupid as a box of rocks? HE MAKES UP WORDS, is this the person you really want with the “New-Clear” codes?I’m not saying John Kerry is the greatest choice. But most times it comes down to the lesser of 2 evils as an honest man can’t get elected President.
    Sometimes I think he got so many votes because some people thought they were voting for a beer.
    Don’t flatter yourself thinking the country spoke to what is best for us as a people. Bush was elected because democrats were divided and didn’t have a clear platform.
    I’m so fed up with Democracy right now. Some people I know voted for the person who was better looking, people like them shouldnt’ be allowed to vote.

  26. I’m just curious, what is it that Bush has actually done good to warrant a second term besides the fact that Saddam was removed?

  27. Hello:
    First I would like to thank the academy….no wrong speech.
    We are gathered here today to bring…..no sorry.
    Dearly beloved we are here to day to remember…NOT.
    Here we go…..
    I, George W Bush, will uphold the office of the President of the United States of America for 4 more years. Oh Yeah.
    P.S. Leo are you moving to Canada now:-)

  28. And in other news… the AP has reported that Bush has given orders to the military to mobilize and prepare to invade Antartica. When asked why attack a nation that has not posed a threat to America, he responded “because them penguins look evil therefore they are evil-doers and belong in the group known as the axis-of-evil. They are barbaric and we shall invade Antartica and bring democracy to a nation that so desperately needs it”. The interview was cut short because Bush was distracted by a butterfly which he quicky gave chase to it.

  29. You people make me really sad. First off, don’t go to somebody’s website if you passionatly hate them….Secondly, people obviously are going to be upset if their candidate doesn’t win the election, especially one as important as this. There is no need to blow up. It is no THAT bad to move for 4 years to Canada, until a democrat is elected pres. For one thing people are (legitamately) worried about a draft. Bush, obviously, denies that he will have one, and I believe him; however if we are attacked again, he could change that VERY quickly. I know that I wouldn’t EVER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES join the army. This is why I have SOOOOOO much respect for our troops, who sadly, may be dying for a lost cause. This is wrong. It makes me sad to see you bashing the other side like you are. Finally, and I realize that this may come off wrong, when my friend went to a protest when Bush came to town (NOT ANT-BUSH either) it was a pro-kerry rally at a high school; most off the protesters weren,t even old enough to vote. They were cursed at, screamed at and they had “crude gestures” mad at them. They were called dirty hippies. Some of them may have even thought about reconsidering their choice before this; as they were impressed with the fact that bush stopped and said “hi y’all thanks for commin’ out today.” Bush seems like a relatively nice guy, but it is said that he mush win with fanatical supporters such as yourselves.

  30. Shawn – The fact that you ask that question gives away your bias.
    Bush gave all of us tax cuts. No, not just the rich. I am not rich, and I got one.
    Bush passed a health care plan. It may not have gone as far as some people wanted, but it is at least a start, and it is more than anyone else has done prior to him.
    Bush not only removed Saddam, but he also got rid of the Taliban, and over 75% of known Al-Queda operatives are either dead or in custody.
    Bush signed the “no-child-left-behind” act. Again, it may not go as far as some people want, but it is good progress in the right direction.
    For a more extensive (although admittedly somewhat biased) list, go to
    this page.

  31. Whoever’s posted these pro-Bush rants … Please go back and reread them. I hope you’ll be ashamed at how vicious, spiteful, and boorish they are. America is supposed to be about inclusiveness and respect for other opinions. If you don’t like it, maybe you should move somewhere else. But I can’t think of a single country that would have you.

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