Eight More Months

I have just returned from Toronto, exhausted after taping 15 shows in four days, but very happy with the results.
It’s really starting to feel like winter there, but I didn’t let that deter me for signing up for another season of Call for Help. Rogers has committed to continue to produce the show at least through July. They’ve also just hired a full time person to sell it in the US and worldwide, and the drumbeats to bring it back to the States are getting louder all the time. It shouldn’t be long now.

It was also great to have Alex Lindsay, our wonderful Photoshop expert from the old show, agree to do a segment a week for us. Things really seem like they’re starting to click in The Big Smoke.

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  1. Glad to hear it! But I think you should sign a contract for at least ten years Leo. Just kidding! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait for CFH in the states since TSS has gone down hill I’ve needed a good computer show.

  3. Wonderful news, Leo! Congrats on CFH being renewed. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show here in the States, so get that new full-timer working! :cheese:
    You’re doing a great job!

  4. That’s great Leo. I’m so happy to read that things are really falling into place nicely for the show. You deserve it! 🙂
    As a citizen of the good ole’ U.S of A, I am VERY happy to read that we are getting closer to being able to see it in the States.
    Good Luck with everything! 🙂

  5. Congratulations Leo on the show getting re-signed, I can’t wait untill your back on down here in Australia. I mean sure we get repeats of the old CFH but its all stuff that happened a couple of months ago and (especially in the field you are in!) a lot can change in a couple of months, but hey I still watch it!

  6. Whooo hooo!!!! That’s great Leo!!! (jumping for joy)We think CFH from Canada is even better than when it was in the states. Andy & Amber are fantastic also! So happy for you, but yes…when doooo you sleep??
    %-P 🙂

  7. CHF back in the states? Awesome. TSS bairley has any tech left anymore, so CFH coming back would be awesome. It would be even better if cat would come back too. Congrats, Leo!

  8. Woo! Can’t wait to see you again here in the states Leo.
    And as for Leo sleeping.. I think sometime in the future he invented a time machine and sends himself back through time to help himself keep up with what he does.. how do you dink he changed shirts so quickly during the help-a-thon?

  9. Holy crap that’s 4 shows a day. Hope you can keep up the pace – or you could MOVE HERE (hint hint). Your hard work seems to be paying off though – CFH Canada just keeps getting better and better – love the new set.

  10. “They’ve also just hired a full time person to sell it in the US and worldwide, and the drumbeats to bring it back to the States are getting louder all the time. It shouldn’t be long now.”
    WHOOHOO.. can’t wait 😀

  11. Leo,
    This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I have not looked at any of shows on the *other* network. Perhaps those folks will see that getting rid of the MASTER was a foolhardy act.
    I am sure you will let all of us know when the triumphant return of Leo in the States will be forthcoming.
    Until then I will take refuge in your books…..
    Happy Halloween.
    Las Vegas, Nevada 🙂

  12. :coolsmile:
    The news that CFH is getting closer to be seen in the good old USA again makes my day! Go get ’em! uh oh, now I just might have to keep my DirecTV subscription.
    Now if I can just find a new IT job… 2005 is looking better!
    Best of luck,

  13. Great news that CFH might make it to the US again. I really look forward to a show that teaches technology and help people with problems like it use to be.
    hope to see you on the air again in the US

  14. As someone from Ottawa, living in Toronto… if you think this is wintery… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  15. LeoCongradulations on your show, I’m glad that
    someone had the sence to continue your show,
    even if it is in Canada. Wait! I am Canadian.
    I very seldom wach the TSS since the gang has been split up. It’s just not the same.
    No disrespect to Kevin, Sara or Yoshi, but the new TSS is not the same. Somethink is missing,like you and Mr. Norton. I hope the country that loss you makes losts of noise to get you back. Best of luck, and remember Canada loves you.

  16. “…the drumbeats to bring it back to the States are getting louder all the time. It shouldn’t be long now.”
    Woohoo! From your mouth to the ears of the execs of the stations on my cable system!!

  17. I really miss CFH and the good old Screensavers. We need a true tech show in the USA. Not a kiddie game/gong show. I wish PBS would carry it. It would be a good reason for this viewer to restart annual donations to them.

  18. I wish we could make the travel easier for you Leo. I like everyone else am very happy to hear that CFH has been resigned. Keep up the great work!

  19. So what does that mean? No more work until Thanksgiving? Gee lookout Leo’s got a tractor and he’s out of control!I will miss the Marathon you treated us with last year. I miss a lot of things and people from the old station. hopefully you’ll all find a new home together in the not too distant future. quite a few of you were too special to part with. I guess that’s why a lot of us refuse to watch the station responsible for firing our favorites. If I could just turn back time, I’d wouldn’t miss the old shows. Little did any of us realize how fragile they were, nor how soon they would be missed. I’d give a lot to see a reunion show. You guys were the best.

  20. Alex Lindsay Back on Call for Help!! Now that’a what I am talking about!!!! Leo you Rock!!!

  21. Can’t wait until CFH is back in the States! and I hope your Radio Show moves over to XM/Sirius in the near future as well! Your Great Knowledge of Technology Deserves the Attention of Millions Leo!

  22. Leo,
    Although I am a more recent fan of yours on TSS and CFH I too was thrilled to read that we here in the States could possibly be seeing CFH 2.0 here in the not too distant future. CFH was one of the best shows for tech info, and computer help on the air, and I personally can not wait for it’s return!
    Congrats on your signing of the contract extention, and best of Luck in all your endeavors!

  23. Hay LeoGreat to here about your signing of the contract extention, cant wait to see your show in the US! Man we sure miss You and Patrick Norton. TSS is just not the same. I too, am glad that someone had the sence to continue your show, even if it is in Canada. Canada? Whats that all about? GO LEO !!!!!!!!!
    Good Luck and Gods Speed

  24. STARTING TO FEEL LIKE WINTER?ohh Leo, you HAVNT felt ANYTHING YET! get ready for some -20oC +windchill
    hmm whats that in Yank? -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Torontos nice in Summer tho huh?
    STILL glad to have you back Leo. the Screen savers desperately needs your leadership right now. 2 kids running it, its a damn circus with no direction. My mom loves you too! you have a certain pressence on camera. Remember this though Leo. when your shows does make it back on American TV DONT turn your back on a country that picked you up when you were down and were commited to producing it. When America welcomes you back dont give up filming the show here. we ARE NOT a second best country, and im sure it would break many peoples hearts. Maybe more so your co-workers! but the message is clear. DO NOT leave once you can have a show again in the U.S, cause i promise you i will loose ALL respect for you as a person whom many look up too.
    still; its great to see that face again, youre a sight for sore eyes.
    take care leo, and welcome to the great white north.

  25. My wife and I sure miss your CFH show. Tech Tv has become a place for children to play! So, I cut it out of my Dish TV menus. You just have to know that your show was a daily event around here. My wife was picking ups stuff from me watching your show and she’s not into computers, whatsoever.
    So, please hurry back if they ever wake up on the TECH TV show and make you a decent offer. They really fouled up in letting you and the gang go!!!
    Thanks for all your great help.
    Doc Langley

  26. Let’s get Leo back to “the States”! I still watch TSS but they seem to be trying too hard for the juvenile humor angle (marketing/positioning I guess). If you could ever get Patrick back then I’d be heaven!
    Where would you (Leo) and everyone else think CFH should be in Cableland (as far as a specific channel…besides G4/TTV)? We need to target the letters/calls to make this happen!

  27. Hey Leo,Another “that was nothing” message… I think it only gets as cold as -5, -10 here in Toronto, apparently the lake makes it less cold. Next time be sure to bring your mitties, wool cap & boots!!! If you’re dressed properly, the cold isn’t so bad. At least you won’t have to drive in the snow.

  28. I’m glad to hear that CFH will be back soon! TSS has decayed into useless drivel. I don’t watch the new combined station hardly at all anymore now that you and Pat are gone. I end up feeling stupid after watching the new TSS, that’s the main reason why I avoid it these days. I just can’t get over the fact that TechTV sold out and went Hollywood!

  29. Great news that you may once again be on US tv. I know my Canadian relatives sure do enjoy your show. Looking forward to the day when I can once again listen to your great comments and advice.Good luck always

  30. A friend of mine called me yesterday to say he finnally watched an episode of TSS.He wanted to know why I recommended it because it not live up to his expectations.
    I had to remind him I told him to watch it LAST YEAR !
    Enough said.

  31. You think it’s wintery now? wait till january. I can’t quite get myself to put my sandles away yet.
    Come to Winnipeg in late January and we’ll show what winter really is! -40C with the windchill… nothing can beat it!

  32. Hi Leo. I really enjoyed CFH on TechTv until a couple of years ago when my cable company replaced it with the YES network. I called them but they had no plans to bring it back. Then they add G4TV,(Im not a kid) and now I see its mergered with TechTV and everythings changed for the worse. I read you might be back on in the states soon. I just hope my cable co. carries whichever network that picks it up. Good luck.

  33. Hey Leo: Glad to hear you are comming back to States, Hope you have all the luck in the world.Just can’t wait to see you again, really enjoyed your shows. God speed!!!

  34. Thats good news Leo, its nice to see a woman on the show who really knows her Tech well, instead of being there for eye candy. As for the Toronto winter, its usually one of the milder places in Canada and the snowfall isnt that heavy usually.

  35. Leo,
    I am looking forward to getting you back in my TV where you belong.
    I miss you, Patrick Norton and Chris Pirillo….
    Hope to see ya on a channel here soon!

  36. Canadians seem to have good taste in tech shows. Must be the French influence. Meanwhile, we await your return to TV in the States.

  37. After they got rid of Patrick on TSS is when it REALLY started sucking. I still watch it but it makes me sad to remember what a good show it USED to be. It didn’t help that the merger came out of nowhere either. Things were going spectacular and then bam, they messed everything up.
    I REALLY WANT a good tech show back in the US and being as huge of a fan of yours and Patricks as I am I would prefer if at least one of you had something to do with it.
    ¡Viva CFH 2.0! (y 1.0 tambien)

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