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  1. Yeah well Darn Canadians steal Call for Help, so whats the deal here.. “Darn Americans stealing Canadian flu shots”

  2. Got mine yesterday, didnt hurt much, at the local Loblaws, and there was no line up, and lots of doses. No wonder they are crossing the border to come up here to get them.
    Ahh, the great George W Bush health care plan, UGH

  3. Darn Americans stealing Canadian flu shots. tongue rolleyePosted by sweeks on 10/28 at 09:44 PM
    Hehe, I think Leo is slowly becoming one of us Canucks. I think I heard him say eh the other day

  4. If we can get enough of this in him… perhaps Mr. Laporte will just buy out Tech TV and return it to it’s former glory ! Yeah, thats the ticket.

  5. Stolen from Bill Handel speaking to Leo this morning:
    “Well, you know those Canadian flu shots are only 75% effective. They don’t cover all of the varieties of flu.”
    ..referring to the dollar exchange rate 😉

  6. I got mine on wednesday, and for free too! Even Costco has a flu shot clinic for $8, same with Loblaws for $18!

  7. Ah you have to love US North…I mean Canadian health care system. When US politicians and my relative down their say misleading things about government run health care systems and that it will never work, I want scream that the Canadian system works.

  8. Nurse: Time to have your flupe shot, Mr. Laporte.
    Leo: Flupe? You mean ‘flu’, right?
    Nurse: Sort of. This is only a slightly contaminated batch, accidently mixed with some vials from an unlabeled strain. Bend over, Mr. Laporte, this won’t hurt a bit (but I can’t promise there won’t be side effects)

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