Thursday’s Thrilling Victory

BosoxGo Sox! The curse has been lifted!
Halloween’s almost here. Time to fire up the pumpkin Dremel.

Columbus discovered Cuba on this day in 1492. Eli Whitney applied for the patent on the cotton gin in 1793. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886. It’s French you know. The first baby was born in an aircraft in 1929. The Cuban missile crisis ended in 1962.

Happy birthday Jonas Salk, 1914.

  1. Big announcements from Apple. As expected Apple announced the new black and red U2 iPod on Tuesday, and for once the rumor sites were right about the iPod Photo. But up here the biggest excitement is reserved for the announcement that the iTunes Music Store will be available in Canada next month. That’s what I’m talking aboot.
  2. Gateway has also announced a digital music and photo player. The 4 gig Gateway Photo Jukebox is $250.
  3. has figured out how to handle the Denial of Service attacks that closed it down last week. According to Netcraft, the official re-elect Bush site is rejecting all traffic from overseas. I was able to get in from Canada, but that’s a province of the US anyway, isn’t it?
  4. Yahoo is matching Google with its new SMS search. You can use your cell phone to query Yahoo, and unlike Google, you can click the search results to dial the phone. Yahoo prez Dan Rosensweig is calling cell phone search the “tipping point.” Both companies are looking to mobile phones for future growth.
  5. Meanwhile, Google has purchased the earth. Well, a really big map of the earth, anyway. Google, spending a little of its stock windfall, as acquired Keyhole Corp., a company that has developed a 12 terabyte 3D image of the planet. Google is cutting the price of the Keyhole software to $29.95, but you can try it free from
  6. I like this headline in PC Pro: Microsoft’s Ballmer tells customers to stick with Windows. No kidding. The latest FUD from Redmond is that Microsoft is more responsive to security flaws than Linux and has fewer holes to begin with. Wow. Ballmer must be really scared.
  7. The RIAA has given Outkast the award for most downloaded digital song in 2004. The multi-platinum Hey Ya! sold 400,000 copies online (you’re welcome, my daughter bought both the instrumental and vocal versions). The new digital gold award requires sales of 100,000 online copies. Digital platinum rewards sales of over 200,000 copies.

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17 Replies to “Thursday’s Thrilling Victory”

  1. Its not just Americans who are standing by for news, us Australians are too! (I am refeering to the audio version of todays news for anybody who cares)

  2. Oh and yes I tried to get on to the George Bush site from Australia and “Access DeniedYou don’t have permission to access “” on this server.”

  3. Why must I disable my ad blocker to read TLR? The Google ad error message replaces the TLR page before it’s done loading. This sucks, Lwo. Have you caved in to Google?

  4. Canada a province of the US? That must be why Canada decided invading a nation like Iraq was not a good idea and why SOCAN (The Canadian RIAA) has decided not to sue it’s customers. I have a lot of respect for you Leo and I’m a big fan, but considering your following in Canada, especially since CFH went to the air on Tech TV Canada, and considering that unlike Comcast we here in Canada know that we actually want tech on Tech TV, don’t you think calling us a province of the US was a little insulting? In Canada we are very proud that you take the time to shoot CFH in Toronto, and alot of people consider you to be an honorary citizen of the Great White North, but to insult our role on the world stage is very disrespectful to a country who has adopted you and consider and treat you as one of our own.To minimize Canada, is very arrogant and is part of the reason why in other countries the US is thought of like a schoolyard bully.
    That’s just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.

  5. How about this for an wierd fact about the Red Sox winning the world series:
    Johnny Damon and Gabe Kapler hugged in the outfield after winning
    Edgar Renteria was the last out in the world series.
    Here is the “spooky part” Damon and Kapler’s uniform numbers formed the number 1918 and Edgar Renteria’s number was 3 (Babe Ruth’s number).

  6. 😆 Balmer must really be on drugs now. Microsoft has by far the most security holes ever by any operating system. Just him mentioning this issue means he knows different.

  7. I am no fan of Steve Ballmer, nor do I agree with the monopolistic influence Microsoft wields. However, do people honestly believe Linux or even Mac OS X have fewer bugs and security flaws than any other OS? One would be hard pressed to find any software code that does not have flaws and/or security vulnerabilities. The only difference is that Windows security holes get exploited more often and are more widely publicized. In my opinion, all software should used with the understanding that it can and will fail you.

  8. I had a hardware firewall, automatically updated antivirus, updated windows regularly, didn’t download stuff and I got a trojan that downloaded files including other trojans.I use Gentoo linux now and have detected no signs of it being tampered with. Plus, Gentoo linux use’s far less resources on my system and is more responsive and stable than windows ever was.

  9. I was reading on OpenBSD’s site that they had only 1 remotely exploitable hole in 8 years. I lost count of how many remotely exploitable holes windows has had and still has since microsoft will not make the browser security enhancements available to versions of windows lower than win xp. A lot of people still use win98. A lot of small businesses use win98 too because they don’t have the money to spend on upgrades.

  10. HAHAHA check out the picture on the Dremel site… man I wonder if they know what that is.

  11. 2 things..
    1. I want that pumpkin Dremel!
    2. Is that RIAA award for LEGAL downloads or P2P downloads?

  12. jbmason,
    if you would have listend to the MP3/Podcast you would have heard leo say “But not up in Canada they don’t” It was a joke, take it like that. Or we’ll invade 😉 (Just kidding)

  13. Well I’m sorta ticked off about the iPod photo since I just purchased a G4 iPod about a month ago. Is the iPod Photo really worth it though? I don’t think i’d use it for pictures in my life :/. Oh well. That’s how things usually work for me haha.

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