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  1. “Hey Amber, check out this new TECH gadget — they’re bringing back the 80s and this is my new portable M*LP*3 Player!”

  2. So umm did you guy just dress up for a Promo? cause these eps are for showing in NOV not DEC right?

  3. I know that it is difficult to look past Amber, but folks that is a vinyl player that Andy is holding. It played these disc that 12″ big. But they did not work to well in the covered wagons as the 49’s rushed to the gold rush. Hince I do not think that they will replace the MP3 players.

  4. Andy: “here’s your very first Technics 1200, i couldn’t afford the mixer though”

  5. …and I’ll throw in a couple of Weather Girls LP’s and a copy of Disco Tex’s “Get Dancin!”…

  6. “That 70s Show” celebrates its 200th Episode.
    Captain Retro arrived just in time to make little Missy’s Christmas a happy one.
    Jeannie looked surprised and delighted when Billy-Bob gave her the gift, even though she didn’t know what it was.

  7. Can you convince Morgan to post at least one last picture, please! I got to go to her moblog, but she hasn’t posted anything since when I got there and her fans want to see more pictures too! Now some are saying she won’t come back, is that true?

  8. The reason Santa does the present delivering, and not the elves.
    Next week on Fox: When Elves Attack 3: Present Rage!

  9. As is customary for elves this time of year, ‘Snowflake’ offers a his Pimp ‘SilkySmoov’ a percentage of “The Take”.

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