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  1. C’mon guys – it’s just a joke! Don’t worry. I’m not leaving CFH ever again!

  2. I actually like Alex as a TSS co-host. He brought new life into the show. I had my doubts in the beginning, but really think he’s doing a great job.

  3. I can understand that G4 wants to target a new audience and draw in viewers, but much of the TSS show is now reflecting on everything but TECH … which Patrick and Leo touched on many a times.
    They don’t do the top stories in technologies anymore. Many of the call in for help are answered with a joke or made fun of. I still watch the show and I still laugh but I miss the old format.

  4. Really disappointed in the direction G4 has taken the screen savers. The show has dropped all pretense of addressing technology. It is not just a part of endless parade of shows targeting the 12 – 18 crowd.
    That’s fine as they can do what they want. Unfortunately they have totally eliminated tech from the channel. Although Fresh Gear is still around they all seem to be reruns. Anyone know if they are still creating any new content for Fresh Gear?

  5. What do you mean ‘Set Up’? I mean, they do prepare the call before actually airing them so that they have the proper information.

  6. I still watch TSS if only to see Alex and Kevin really screw up :cheese: And to see whatever Yoshi’s got

  7. Leo,
    I wish, I REALLY wish they would play CFH back here in the US. I miss your ‘one-on-one’ tech HELP and tech news..
    Any chance of fellow canadians taping the show and putting it on bittorrent servers?

  8. I actually like Alex as a TSS co-host. He brought new life into the show. I had my doubts in the beginning, but really think he’s doing a great job.Posted by James Orlowski on 10/28 at 01:55 PM
    James, what you been smoking man. The new TSS is aimed at 14 year olds, can you not figure that out the way they giggle and say awesome 440 times a show. I however, am sorry if you are 14, otherwise, open your eyes

  9. Is it just me but dose anyone else think the alot of the calls on tss are set up now ?

  10. the day Patrick left was the day I stopped watching Tech TV all togather. Ah for the good old days…
    I bet G4 Tech TV US was just on during rehersal or something. Leo wouldn’t be taking a picture from that close if they were taping.
    Then again Alex might be doing a segment or something.

  11. I usually watch the screensavers right after CFH, and things do tend to get out of hand sometimes.

  12. Wait… Think about it… What a coup! We could have the entire former TechTV lineup moved up to Toronto.

  13. The new screen savers sucks. They should call it unscrewed with Kevin Rose. He can’t get a thought out his head that doesn’t involve porn or telling the world he is doing his girlfriend. Alex showed his new camera on the show and couldn’t even explain what SLR means. He appears in commercials for Dell during the show. Is it a surprise that the hosts of the screen savers got their free ipods? They have zero credibility. I can’t read a blog over there where some 12 year old is not begging for help getting their free ipod. What a scam! They chased away all non teenagers from the network but they have Martin filling in as a host inviting the kids to watch his horrible show. I gave it a month but I would rather watch a Simpson’s rerun for the 100th time.

  14. Does CFH in Canada due the Top News in Tech like in the days of old with TheScreenSavers?

  15. Oh, one more thing …
    Anyone else notice that instead of re-shooting that shot in the opening of Sarah, Kevin, Yoshi, and Alex running into the building, they just added blond hair to Patrick to make him into Alex? I caught that on day one.

  16. Leo, come back to the US (TV) already 😛 …it doesn’t have to be on G4… u know we all will be watching you whatever channel you will be on ^^
    talking about TSS and Alex… he isn’t that bad but the combination with Kevin makes the show really bad… there’s too much energy from both of them (being concentrate in the wrong direction). 2 playful young “kids” (or 3, if you count Sarah) being hosts doesn’t work. It was good with Leo and/or Pat because there need to be someone to hold them down and lead them to the right direction. Too many episodes are now about nothing and all the host talks like they know nothing, just fun chit chat with no useful substance at all.
    with the old TSS, it was good having Kevin once in a while, and he had his time doing his research and article to write. Now they all are just a “playful” hosts with no one really doing research on anything (everything r cheap and “cut and paste” right off the internet [eg. news, demo, ‘mod’ that’s not even a mod :rolleyes:)

  17. I agree with what you’re saying, I believe there’s too much energy between the two and everything is always going off on some tangent. Kevin is a great speaker when it comes doing special piece segments, but putting them together makes for a bad distraction. The show is now all about giving away gifts to the audience, sexual innuendos and Alex doing impressions.
    This is not saying that Leo didn’t give away gifts, splurt out some sexual innuendos (generally towards Jessica Corbin) or impressions but he knew when to get serious and often he would catch himself and pull himself back to a serious nature.
    Patrick, before he left the show, did just that … grounded the show and provided direction. He likes to have fun just like anyone else, but he knows he’s there to provide help and information.

  18. Oh, the MOD for DOOM 3 — the one with the Hello Kitty flashlight — already done on X-Play. Yeah, I know, they recycle material and information.
    Sarah can’t keep being the only one doing research.

  19. Well I dissagree. Alex is bad for the show. He may be a nice guy, but he is not cut out for co-Hosting a TV show. Now before you say “What do you know about it” I am simply saying I Was a Part of the casting process for a Number of shows. I don’t know if he had a “on air” dry run, but he keeps blabbing and babling, when he should be silent, for one thing. There are many things he does that not only annoy me? but I have looked at the forums and it appears the Majority of people have reached that conlusion too. I have continued to watch the show on the hopes it would improve, but it is the same old show. It is kind of like when a Satellite is launched. It the spin is not right, and it wobbles, then it has to be corrected, or when a Radio, or TV SHOW is not tuned in right.. Things have to be fine tuned until it is Received. I have listened to enough of the rubbish on TSS, and take Comfort in the knowledge that Leo Leporte is on the radio on the weekends. It is there I can enjoy the Total 6 hours of his show. Does he know how to put on a show and give the people what they want? You Bet he does.. Thanks Leo for Being there and making the people a big part of your show!!

  20. Wait a minute, you don’t like the new TSS because the hosts lose focus and make goofy jokes?One of the reasons I liked watching the old TSS was because Leo kept the show loose and funny.
    Why would you want to watch a show that was dry and technical?
    And as for blabbing hosts, Leo was the one that sometimes had to be reeled in by Patrick, especially when he went off on one of his rants.
    Its what made the show fun.

  21. Hey Highwayman, relax, they are, and have been since day one. There are 40 or so episodes around, check out the forums on Leoville, you will find everything there

  22. Exactly what I am saying. if you ever took the time to notice? It is not Kevin, sarah, Yoshi, or Robert Heron BTW, (Excelent segments), The general complaints seem to be with the one and only Alex, not just because he is NEW! But because of his attempt to joke, and it is not at all funny at the time, nor is it in the Appropriate place, It is his annoying tone of voice, and oh yeah did I mention no Presence of mind. I read his resume, and it looked pretty darn goood. Kevin, and sarah both liked him because he was good. I say good at what? He was asked the other day, for example about his New camera? he did not even know what a SLR was? I am not going to go on, and on, But it occured to me I have not really seen him show any of that Big resume he was hired for!! If I wish to view comedy I would not turn to a “Tech” channel, No no no There are much better Professional Comedians, that can put comedy in it’s proper forum. Yes you hit it on the head when you said “goofy” What Goofy is at Disneyland, Right? You are Absolutely correct when you say LEO kept it loose and funny, he was good at what he did on TSS, That is what is missing with the TSS. The Radio show on KFI fills this void, between no tech on the TSS and his wealth of information people call for. I don’t know if you listen to his show, but people call for information on all sorts of things, I have yet to have one call up and ask for a funny joke..

  23. Are some of you saying you like Yoshi over Alex? I’d have to disagree; Yoshi’s various attempts at humor makes for an uncomfortable watching experience. Aside from his very unpractical mods, I very often switch channels during his segments for that reason.
    And then there’s Dan. Finally someone decided to have him stop talking during the show. Talk about uncomfortable…
    Alex, on the other hand, seems very at-ease on camera. I think he’s doing a good job at keeping the show light and entertaining.

  24. Yeah I caught the opening of the show. I see where they are running into the building. The thing is, they should have Alex running out of the building, that would fit I think. Yeah I agree with you ALex sucks on that show.

  25. Leo, I have watched you and Tech TV for years, since you began. I have recommended your programs to hundreds of people. As a teacher, I have that opportunity. Your sense of what television computer programming should be about truly filled a need for multiple computer users and their needs. Call for Help, the Screen Savers, Fresh Gear are staples like milk, bread, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins, etc. Although G4 thinks they have to appeal to a younger group; it is a disservice to the true baby boomers, the younger generation, and school age children who are the greatest numbers in the population. You are missed a lot. The sooner you are on the better G4 ratings will get, in MHO.
    Best wishes.

  26. Leo,
    you are missed on the show i think alex is doing an ok job. But i want more TECH!!!!! All i get is jokes and many other of the things previous things are. More or less what im saying is G4 SUCKS and Leo we want you back

  27. Leo i’m your age I hate to sound old but TSS has gone in a direction that I find unviewable. The only one that has any talent is Robert Heron.

  28. Let’s hear the conclusion of the matter:
    I work in the technology field. I am a computer professional. I enjoy the occasional laugh and how Leo and Pat interacted in a comical way at times. BUT . . . .
    The current Screen Savers show should be renamed “The Yuppie Video Game Junkie Savers”. There is nothing, NOTHING left in the show for professionals now.
    I plan on watching the show once every 6 months in the future to see if they have earned the right to occupy 46 minutes of my day.

  29. Hey now… bad enough he’s on Screen Savers, don’t let him on Call For Help… then you’re out of a job (yet again)

  30. The minute Alex appeared would be the last time I ever watched CFH, just like I did with TSS RIP. Its a funny picture though

  31. alex is the guy on TV in the pic… what about the guy looking left??
    btw, new host? new “additional” host? or “replacing” host?

  32. I no longer watch G4 Tech TV…. I emailed that that when they grow up …… I’ll come back.
    It is geared for the under 20 crowd….they must know their market potential. It’s sad when the most mature and informative person o show is Sarah Lane

  33. Sorry I should have said staged instead of “setup”. In the last few weeks there have been calls on what 80’s DVDs to buy, and what online dating agency to use about the time a dating company started to advertise on the website. There was some more calls that seemed to “placed” too. maybe its just me reading to much in to it .

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