10 Replies to “Words to Live By”

  1. I guess you can sit on the smaller pumpkins. There was not a sign for thoser, right? :cheese:

  2. Or else you’ll get sucked into the Great Beyond where all Pumpkinheads will nibble on you! That’ll definitely keep the kiddies off . . . . %-P :cheese:

  3. “A Voter”,
    You’re not being very open-minded. Tsk, Tsk. The Liberals would be mad at you.
    If CPUGuy doesn’t want to watch Leo anymore because of Leo’s poor choice of presidential candidates, that should be his choice, and doesn’t make him a “moron”.
    On another note, can you relate the so-referenced “meaning of democracy” to this situation? Or did you just throw that in for some extra “Bam”?
    I’m sure people will flame me for starting a “political” discussion. Go ahead. Have at it.

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