2 Replies to “Las Vegas Flash”

  1. Wait a minute. I was in Vegas for a convention this weekend and I didn’t see you…

  2. I so want to go to VEGAS! I’ve never been. I passed up last year’s CES. I didn’t know it would be the last chance to see the full crew or I wouldn’t have. Now it’s just a matter of scheduling with work. I think I should book now and cancel if I can’t make it. My favorite pick of hotels is the mandalay bay though that’s not the best time of year for it. It might also be insane financially. It was the only hotel I could find at the last minute last year and it wasn’t too bad then. The next day it was gone. Know of any good package deals?Yoshi would be proud of me. I just purchased my first dremel tool with four attachments! I hope you guys are all there if I make it out there. My favorite pick of new products would be a car mp3 hard drive player that works with Itunes. I’m sick of charging the ipod and lugging it back and forth. I just want one that works off the car’s battery and downloads new songs wirelessly. Is that too much to ask? Still waiting for your new gig in the states. Also keep us updated on your books perhaps on the sidebar. Old posts get forgotten by the time I have time to do anything about them. Oops, there they are. ha.

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