10 Replies to “Mountain FM”

  1. 🙂 – Hey Leo… it was great to hear you on our local radio stn. this morning, up here in Sea to Sky Country. You have got to make it a re-occuring event.

  2. Great stuff. The “can I call you a geek?”, “can I call you a bitch?” comment at 1:50 was gold. lol.

  3. Sorry we disappointed Dan. I have to say that Leo is a great guest and a helluva fun guy to talk to. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and it’s always cool to get to talk to people you admire. One of the perks of the radio job. I can’t wait to have him back on again. Although, If I’d known he was recording I would have cursed a lot more.

  4. I wasn’t disappointed. You know, Mike, I’d bet Leo would agree with you about interviewing certain people. A nice perk of the job. Great radio interview, considering the time allotted. Lots of information packed in there. Mike and Rebecca, you two should be on television. Good lookin’ people.

  5. radio is so strange… its like someone flipped a light switch when they went on air and their voices went into “radio mode”… heh

  6. Leo,
    We’d like to see you in the US on a regular basis again! If not it’s nice to hear you. Great information in a fun style.

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