Monday’s Mini News

newspaper.jpgA couple of quick stories that caught my eye, today. I’m going out of town tomorrow but will update the news on Thursday.

  • Rock band U2 has made a deal with Apple to sell custom iPods promoting the band’s next album. Steve Jobs and Bono will announce the special black iPod at a press conference on Tuesday, October 26. The MP3 player will be loaded with the band’s new CD plus songs from older albums. The iPod should ship November 23 – just in time for my Regis appearance. How thoughtful of them.

  • The real question, though, is will Apple announce the rumored PhotoPod with a color screen that stores both music and images at the same event?
  • Dell is once again the number one PC maker, gaining ground on second place HP. Gartner and IDC both reported that the PC maker had increased shipments by more than 20 percent over last year to give it an 18.2% market share. IBM, Fujitsu, and Toshiba round out the top five.
  • According to USA Today, Googles new desktop search tool can index Hotmail and other webmail caches, so if you’re on a shared computer with the desktop tool installed, someone could theoretically read your email.

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7 Replies to “Monday’s Mini News”

  1. I guess Bono can join John Mayer on the list of musicians helping Apple promote its stuff.

  2. Ah, but andrew the word on the new ibooks was announced today (19th). This entry was posted on the 18th. 🙂

  3. Ahhh I must have missed the memo. /sigh. If only I could get G4TechTV Canada to appease my leo cravings. 🙁 Oh well. Back to podcasting. heh.

  4. And no audio with todays news. I need my leo fix!!! Guess ill just download another hour and a half of his archived radio shows to add to my twenty and a half hours of Leo goodness. I dont know what im going to do untill thursday, let alone during the time he will be gone for Mac Mania but I heard on his show there will be internet access on the boat so we may have a couple of news reports from the high seas. Plus there will be the pre-recorded radio shows, I’ll guess I’ll be able to manage. By the way Evan Leo said he took the cams down for some reason probably too many incriminating shots. Wow thats one long comment!

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