Viva Vizaweb

We had kind of a meltdown on Leoville today during the radio show. So many people were hitting the server simultaneously that it bogged down completely. We have two dedicated servers already running 2GHz Celerons and 1GB of RAM each — and run on one, the message boards on another — but they still couldn’t handle the traffic. We peaked at just under 8MBits/second several times during the show.
So far this month has used an astounding 409GB of bandwidth. (That doesn’t include the message boards or this blog. This blog is at 25GB for the month; the boards 41GB. All told the Leoville sites are on track to do nearly a terabyte in October.)

Vizaweb, my host, very graciously donates all that bandwidth, and I’m sure it’s a lot more than they bargained for. Their solution? Instead of giving up and asking me to move somewhere else they’re suggesting an upgrade to a dual Xeon 2.8GHz with hyper threading so it registers as 4 CPUs, two 73GB SCSI hard drives, and more RAM. Wow!

There may be a slight disruption during the move — the blog and the radio wiki will probably close temporarily, and some stuff may not work quite right for a day or two, but once the kinks are worked out we should be so much better off.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Vizaweb!

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  1. A round of applause for Vizaweb, 1 terabyte!!! Congratulations Leo on a great site.

  2. Well what is your last name? I can see if we have received anything from you.
    These days email is far from perfect.

  3. The reason your site is getting slammed it because G4 has taken all the Tech out of TechTv. Us who want more on tech have no place to go but leoville.
    The poor Screen Savers is 1% of what it used to be. There is too much silliness and skits and no substance. The only tech is dark tech. It is not like G4 doesn’t have enough game shows without making the Screen Savers into another gimmicky game show.
    Kevin and Alex need leadership and guidance as well as G4.

  4. On the basis of your glowing reports on Vizaweb, I’ve been attempting to change a domain I manage to their service. After phone calls made and emails sent during the last week, I have yet to receive a call back or a response to the email. Sounds like a good service, but with no response to requests I wouldn’t trust them to handle my account.

  5. I’m sorry you have been having problems. We have had some problems with our phone system and are constantly needing to upgrade it. Your massage may have been lost in the confusion. Please accept our deepest apologies.
    As for email I show 3 different ones from Rob’s. All have been responded to. I hope you were one of them. 🙂

  6. Nope, I still haven’t received an email or a phone call. I guess the check’s still in the mail.

  7. Vizaweb…thank you for taking care of Leo and all of the residents of Leoville.
    I will certainly look towards your services when my current contract(s) for webhosts expire.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. keep in mind, one cable modem downloading anything off a site is 3-4 megabits right there… i’d say 8 megabits is suprisingly low.

  9. i wonder what caused the meltdown… What did u talk about in your show, Leo?? 😀
    maybe it’s the podcast too?? ^^

  10. If you think you had bandwidth problems, think about the radio station site that was streaming your show!

  11. VizaWeb is a great web space provider; the best!
    And this is just one more great example.
    They know how to treat a customer right.
    Thanks Leo for the plug to VizaWeb.

  12. Glad to hear Leo’s glowing review. I’m experiencing extreme problems with my host and decided to switch to a more reliable service. The first thing I did was check to see who Leo uses.

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