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I’ve just heard from Live that they’re interested in booking me to do a Holiday Gadget buying segment in late November or early December. I’ll let you know when I get a solid date for it.
Meanwhile, I’m compiling a list of cool new gadgets to present. Got any suggestions? I’d love to hear ’em. Add a comment here.

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  1. I think you should bring an ipod and or ipod mini. Many people want these, including me, so it would be good to show off. I also would like to see some other mac things. Be proud of mac Leo. LOL. Thanks.

  2. How about one of the new DVD burners? Mabye the newest video card. (Doesn’t the next itteration of the Radeon come in November?)

  3. I recalled that in your Oct 8th podcast you mentioned the 60GB “Photopod” and Live together so I thought I would remind you about that. I would love to see that.

  4. how about the nintendo ds, or that crazy new thingy that lets you transfer 1gig a second over wifi!….possibly rfid chips that we will all have in our arses one day?

  5. The best 25 bucks present.THE LAPINATOR
    The totally awesome totally geek gadget.
    I love it.

  6. Everybody should know about USB thumb drives, and a WiFi Detector, nothing like finding wifi without opening your laptop.

  7. Leo,
    I love the MuVo by Creative. It is a thumb drive/MP3 Player and is supported by Audible so you can put books on tape on it. I load it up before a flight and stick it in my carry on. When we are airborne I take out my MuVo put it in my pocket and hook up the ear phones. I sit back and listen to a book while I’m in the air or waiting in the terminal. (sometimes it puts me to sleep 🙂 I have a 256Mb one which carries 20 hours of books on tape. It uses a AAA battery so you can carry a couple of extras and never get caught with a dead battery. I LOVE IT!!

  8. Treo 650
    It should either be out or about to be released by then. Judging by how popular the 600 is, it should be quite a hot item if you can get your hands on one…

  9. The Radio Shark. I’m dying for one of those.Also the new Humax DVD Burning Tivo.

  10. I love my wireless Gyration Keyboard Mouse combo.I know nothing new about wireless keyboard and mouse,
    but it is the gyration mouse that makes it for me.The mouse can be used off the desktop almost as you would use a remote. I have my system conected to my home theater and i use the combo on my lap,or on the coffee table to watch movie clips or listen to my mp3s.

  11. How about something totally different….
    The Acura TL…the ultimate gadget lovers car!!!
    C’mon it has Bluetooth Capability and is oh so cool!!

  12. I don’t know how new it is, but you can’t go wrong with the I-duck. Cute, weird, useful.

  13. Leeeeo,
    I think you should definitely include a trick LED flashlight or two. They’re smaller, lighter and brighter than ever. My fav right now is the Photon Freedom Micro, which is on my keychain and about the size of a quarter. But it’s tough, bright and brilliant!
    Miss you on the SS. It is a poor show these days-

  14. yea we need to push the demand for the portable video players… once pple know more about them, and really want them… more will be release with better and better quality… …we r so far behind on portable device like this compare to the East like japan…
    well, maybe it’s just me 😛

  15. Here’s my vote – “Dana” by Alphasmart –
    Alphasmart markets “Dana” as a “laptop alternative,” and for me personally, this has become the machine that I can’t live without. You can see all of the specs and stuff at the website, but the most attractive features to me were the full-size keyboard, the long battery life, the word processing/office software bundle that is easily compatible with both MS and Mac apps, and the fact that it has full USB and IR capability. They even make a model with an onboard 802.11b wi-fi card. I needed something portable that would allow me to use MS Office on the go, but I also had a nearly new desktop system and couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a laptop. So at $380, the Dana was just right. :cheese:

  16. Leo..Regis…Kelly
    Since the target audience is the Mom (or Dad) at home after the kids have gone to school, you should bring the iPod and some of the Griffin add-ons. Small…well priced…elegant.
    It would be a great gift for the kids (music) and Dad can now get RSS Podcast broadcasts to download and listen to on the way to work.
    Thanks Leo for adding Podcast to your menu of services.
    Podcasting to be the next big thing out there….and it is now mostly User driven, NOT Big Corporate driven…yet.

  17. From someone who watches Regis and Kelly all the time…
    WiFiSeeker-It’s a keychain that locates nearby access points.
    Sidewinder-A teensy hand-crank charger. Two minutes of turning buys six minutes of talk time for your cell phone.
    Apple iBook G4-Need I say more?
    Dell UltraSharp 1704FPV-Any parent that works out of their home would appreciate this, because you can view Web pages side by side, and adjust the height from 18 to 24 inches, and it pivots 90 degrees.
    Palm Zire 31-Affordable, small enough to carry in a small purse, backlit, and an MP3 player for music or audiable books.
    Sony MV-65ST Mobile DVD Dream System-Personally, I don’t have a way to watch movies in my car. However, unless I’m mistaken, Kelly does. 🙂 This screen swivels 180 degrees, has a one touch play button making it easy for kids to operate, and weighs 5.1 pounds. You can hook the unit to a TV set and watch grown up movies at your destenation while the little ones sleep.
    Sony DCR-DVD101 DVD Handicam Camcorder-Very cool. Records direct to a mini DVD, weighs just over a pound. Easy to use, with a 2.5″ swiveling LCD display. Also a digital still camera. Comes with editing software.
    Ambient Wireless Weather Forcaster-Available at Radio Shack. What dad or grandpa wouldn’t love this? 4″x4″ glass display, and no wires! It gathers weather data via a nationwide wireless network. I believe for something like $7 a month you can upgrade to a premium service that lets you customize the info displayed.
    Epson PowerLite Home 10+-Affordable, and scaled down projector. Weighs eight pounds and it’s portable so you can take it with you on vacation. It cannot display HDTV, though.
    For kids-The Eye Toy for PlayStation 2-I had the opportunity to see this being tested by children. It’s a camera that takes the place of the controller, so kids have to get off their bottoms and move to play the game. The only drawback is you have to have games specifically designed for it.
    KidzMouse Keys-Now this is cool, and it really works! It’s a kid-friendly keyboard that help sort though the confusion of a standard keyboard. Vowels and consonants are different colors, no extra keys to confuse, and if you lean on the keys, you only get one letter on the screen instead of lkjahdsfjhasjdhf. Great for little kids learning to type. I know an almost eight year old who got a kick out of it, too. 😉
    Have fun on Regis and Kelly, Leo! These are things this viewer would love to see. 🙂

  18. My suggestion (though they might not like it) is TV-B-Gone
    I know I want one of these…. and it seems there are LOTS of people who want to be able to turn off near by TVs…. in Bars, Gyms…. Airports…

  19. How about an iMac G5? Excellent PC IMO.
    Or if you don’t want to do an entire PC, how about the PalmOne Zire 72? It’s an excellent PDA, although I feel the Tungsten T5 is better (but the 72 is more geared toward the target audience of the segment).

  20. “Nintendo DS” should be out by then, i think…
    and yea, mp3 players… maybe GPS devices? cell phones? i’m trying to think portable devices that you can use everywhere like in cars and stuffs…
    i’m not that sure about who r the target audience of Regis And Kelly show… any price limit? 😀 😛

  21. I second Markos D. You have to show them a Treo 650 (if it’s out by then) or even the Treo 600. Aside from its PDA/smartphone functionalities, I’ve been using my Treo 600 to watch DVDs and read eBooks.
    Then there’s the new Humax DRT-800 DVD Recorder with TiVo. It’s an 80GB digital recorder that allows you to record shows/movies with the show description onto DVD…
    On the portable side, there’s the Archos AV380 80GB Video and MP3 jukebox player which also doubles as a memory card reader allowing you to transfer pictures directly from the digital camera like a digital photo album.
    Lots of awesome stuff!

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